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ASUS said to be working up Android 4.2 updates for its tablets

We’re not too surprised by today’s news, but we’re going to put it out there anyway: ASUS looks to be working on getting Android 4.2 out to its Transformer tablets. The news came via a call to customer service where one customer inquired about the upgrade for their Transformer Prime. The rep didn’t specifically confirm […]

Transformer Prime Jelly Bean update now available for download from ASUS

A quick heads up for owners of the ASUS Transformer Prime in the US still without their Jelly Bean update. ASUS has posted the full update file to their support site to be downloaded and manually installed via sideload. Head over to the ASUS download center and search for TF201, then navigate to firmware downloads. […]

ASUS Transformer Prime gets port of Open WebOS

Although WebOS seems to be a mobile operating system on life support, it’s no surprise there is still some interest. It is a very good operating system, and had Palm and HP not dropped the ball on the Pre series and the TouchPad respectively it could have seriously challenged the market as a premier operating […]

Jelly Bean now arriving for ASUS Transformer Prime

Just as promised by ASUS, reports are rolling in that Android 4.1 Jelly Bean has started to hit Transformer Prime tablets in the US. The rollout marks the first of two major updates that ASUS plans to launch over the next 48 hours, with the Transformer Pad Infinity receiving its dose of Jelly Bean starting […]

ASUS Posts Changelog And Rollout Dates For Transformer Prime and Transformer Infinity

Asus confirmed via their social networks earlier today that the Transformer Pad Infinity and Transformer Prime were set to receive Jelly Bean in the coming weeks. They told us to stay tuned for further updates and like clockwork, the Taiwanese manufacturer has provided a mini-changelog of sorts, so that Transformer users know exactly what to […]

ASUS: Jelly Bean for Transformer Pad Infinity and Transformer Prime coming soon

After announcing the rollout of Android 4.1 for the Transformer Prime (TF201) in Sweden yesterday, ASUS has made a more generalized announcement saying to expect the update soon. Along with the Prime, ASUS also announced that the Transformer Pad Infinity (TF700) would receive Jelly Bean in the coming days. The announcement comes by way of […]

ASUS announces Transformer Prime update to Jelly Bean for Sweden

ASUS Transformer Prime owners could be seeing an update to Jelly Bean as early as today…if they happen to live in Sweden. The computer and tablet maker’s Swedish branch took to Facebook earlier this morning to announce that the upgrade to Android 4.1 should soon commence for the tablet with a keyboard dock. There is […]

Enter to win 2 Nexus 7 tablets and a Transformer Prime with Keyboard Dock! [TEGRA 3 GIVEAWAY]

You read about it in yesterday’s review of Beach Buggy Blitz, and here it is — our End-of-Summer Tegra 3 giveaway! NVIDIA has given us three awesome devices to giveaway to all you guys, and you’re going to have to read carefully if you want a chance to win. The rules are simple, but if […]

ASUS Transformer Pad, Transformer Prime, and Transformer Pad Infinity getting Jelly Bean in coming months

With all the Jelly Bean rollout confirmations coming this week, ASUS found it appropriate to release plans for their own line of tablets. It has confirmed that the ASUS Transformer Pad, the ASUS Transformer Prime, and the ASUS Transformer Pad Infinity will all be getting Jelly Bean down the line. “In the coming months,” is […]

Minor update pushing to ASUS Transformer Prime, activates Face Unlock

The ASUS Transformer Prime is receiving another minor update, one which brings about a few new tweaks to the tablet’s Ice Cream Sandwich operating system. The major addition here is the ability to use Android 4.0’s Face Unlock, a feature which has been promised for some time but has yet to be activated on the […]

ASUS Transformer Prime GPS dongles begin arriving at doorsteps

ASUS was under much fire when they released their ASUS Transformer Prime Android tablet with GPS. While it appeared they would first brush the issue under the rug as the issues weren’t software related and could only be fixed using hardware, they came through and did what very little might do. They offered free GPS […]

Transformer Prime GPS dongle pictured

Dongle may have been a bit of an understatement when describing the hardware add-on ASUS will provide to Transformer Prime owners to correct GPS issues that have plagued the tablet since its launch. The long signal-enhancing bar will lock into the Prime’s docking port using ASUS’ proprietary 40 pin connector. The downside here is that […]

Asus confirms provision of GPS dongles to Transformer Prime users

If your ASUS Transformer Prime tablet is one of those affected by the GPS issues, we’ve got some good news for you: Asus has confirmed to AllThingsD that they will be providing users with GPS dongles to alleviate the issue. More details on the program will come in on April 16th, when the manufacturer will […]

ASUS Preps GPS Hardware Add-On For Transformer Prime Owners – Arriving Mid-April?

Show me a Transformer Prime, and I’ll show you an owner who has no doubt been unhappy with its GPS performance. In fact, owners of the ASUS Transformer Prime were pretty vocal about this defect which, when investigated, turned out was caused by nothing more than poor design. ASUS acknowledged, then tried to fix the […]

Latest ASUS Transformer Prime update now rolling out, brings face unlock and other features

The “awesome” ASUS Transformer Prime update we were first teased with earlier this week is now rolling out to users. As was detailed yesterday, the new software brings about features like face unlock, new lockscreen notification controls, and the Google Play suite among other fixes and tweaks. We’ve received reports from several users in the US […]