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ASUS Padfone Reviews

The Verge
"Until I held it my hands, I almost didn't believe it was a real product."
"To put it simply, we're all over ASUS' vision of making the smartphone the literal center of our lives, but the company can do so much more: what we see here is just the core of the idea, the foundation to get things started, while the rest of the product seems half-finished and doesn't yet realize its full potential."
"The Asus PadFone is a great idea and features fantastic battery life when combined with its accessories. However, while the concept is cool, users may find the entire combination bulky."
"The Asus Padfone is an unusual hybrid device that comprises a smartphone and a tablet running from one SIM card. Genius or madness?"
"It’s certainly got its flaws, but if you’re after a convertible device, this is the best one on the market right now, with specs that blow the competition out of the water and a design that might actually help you get something done on a tablet for a change."
"If you want a smartphone, buy a smartphone and if you want a tablet, buy a tablet. We can't recommend buying the Padfone."