ASUS Padfone Station

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ASUS Padfone Station Overview

The ASUS Padfone Station is the tablet dock accessory for the Padfone. It does not opperate by itself, so the usual specs that tablets feature are not built into the device. Instead, the smartphone is the one doing all the necessary work.

The Padfone Station does include a few ports and features, though. The most important are the 6,600 mAh battery (that will charge your device when docked), and the ports. These include a 3.5 mm headset jack, a microUSB port, and a microHDMI connection.

Furthermore, it also includes phone and GPS antennas for those worried that the device's will lose performance when enclosed in the tablet. Not to mention the SonicMaster featuring speakers, which should do the job for your media playing. This, paired with your Padfone device, will give you a complete Android 4.0 tablet experience.