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ASUS Eee Pad Slider Reviews

The Verge
"The Slider's physical keyboard allows it to stand out in a sea of Android tablets, but can you overlook the weight and thickness compromises be overlooked?"
"Unfortunately, a tablet screen isn't the most ideal environment for typing. By including a built-in keyboard, the Asus Eee Pad Slider attempts to offer a solution to this problem."
Slash Gear
"The Slider SL101, meanwhile, failed to appear on schedule, and it’s only now – ten months after we saw it first – that units are finally reaching store shelves."
Pocket Lint
"It is clearly that thinking that has led it to come up with the Eee Pad Slider, which offers most of the features you'd find on a netbook, but with improved battery life, and a screen that's a million times better."
"With the Eee Pad Transformer, Asus built one of the best alt-iPad tablets money can buy. But its new Eee Pad Slider is an entirely different proposition and designed as a cross-over laptop and tablet for business and pleasure."
Tech Radar
"Now its brother, the Asus Eee Pad Slider has arrived, and manages to stand out in much the same way."
Android Police
"Nevertheless, the Slider is, at least on paper, easily in the top tier of Honeycomb tablets - in addition to its slide-out QWERTY keyboard, it has one of those legendary IPS displays, coupled with a full-size USB 2.0 port and a comparatively low price tag."
Android Authority
"It should be the ultimate productivity tablet, which for many users has been the holy grail of tablets. Sadly, pilgrims, you’re going to have to keep questing. Here’s why."
Trusted Reviews
"It's one of the most interesting Android tablets of the year and it's not just a design gimmick."
"The heaviest and thickest tablet we've tested is also the only one with a slide-out keyboard, making it a great choice if you prefer a keyboard while on the go."
Laptop Mag
"The ASUS Eee Pad Slider SL101 is the first Android tablet with a slide-out keyboard, making it a good choice for work and play."
Phone Arena
"With this tablet, the manufacturer has forgone the keyboard dock and has simply incorporated a physical keyboard to reduce the amount of items you need to lug around."