The ARNOVA 7 G2 is the second generation of ARCHOS' budget 7-inch Android tablet. While the original ran Android 2.2 and featured a resistive touchscreen, the upgraded model brings Gingerbread (Android 2.3) to the table along with a capacitive display. A processor upgrade moves the clock speed up to 1GHz. All of these additions don't go without an increase in price, however. Gone is the $99 price tag of the first ARNOVA 7, the G2 costing somewhere closer ro $200.

    While it doesn't sport a dual-core CPU or Android Honeycomb, you still get a lot of bang for compartively little buck. 

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    Archos’ Arnova 7 G2 and Arnova 10 G2 Launch in Hong Kong with Gingerbread on Board

    Yesterday we glimpsed a second-generation Arnova 7 tablet slinking through the FCC, wondering in what ways other than a retooled casing the tablet would differ from it predecessor. Now we have the answers, as the Arnova 7 G2 and its larger counterpart the Arnova 10 G2 have launched in China. Both update the resistive touchscreens […]