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ARCHOS 32 Reviews

"As we mentioned at the get-go there are a few things that perturb us about the Archos 32 – its mushy, glossy screen, poor camera placement, lack of a speaker, and the missing Android Market are all up there -- but we still found the experience of using the Android PMP or tablet, call it what you will, to be rather enjoyable. If you're looking for a gadget with a smaller screen for playing music, watching videos and occasionally surfing the web the Archos 32 is a fine choice. Of course, for $80 more you can grab an $229 8GB iPod Touch, which has none of those application, screen or camera issues. Is it worth the extra cash? Hey, we can't answer everything for you!"
Trusted Reviews
"As experience has shown, Android wasn’t built for tablets, so it’s fortunate that the Archos 32 Internet Tablet is a tablet in name only. As an iPod touch-like media player, it falls short of Apple’s level of slickness, but its excellent format support, and its low, low price, let it get away with that."
"Overall Archos packs an impressive range of features into an attractive, slimline device, and providing you’d expect to make good use of the flexibility on offer here it’s a nice alternative to an expensive mobile phone."
Digital Trends
"A 3.2-inch screen and Android 2.1 sound like a winning combination for $150, but poor audio quality, a dim screen and numerous other problems prevent the Archos 32 from posing any threat to Apple's iPod Touch."
"In terms of value, the Archos 32 definitely wins out. At £129, it’s £60 cheaper than the equivalent iPod touch. While it doesn’t have the same design cache, it’s still well worth a look. The only thing we’d say is that you could snaffle an Android phone that can do all of the same, as well as make calls and send texts. But that’s more of a wider issues with PMPs in general. If you’re after a new media player and money’s your top priority, look no further."
"The Archos 32 tablet offers many of the core features of Android 2.2 at an attractive price, but its keyboard is too impractical to rely on as a productivity tool, and the Archos-managed app store limits the device's overall potential."