Watch all 3 leaked HTC One M9 promo videos showing familiar One M8 design, new theme engine, and more [MIRROR]

Feb 24th - After leaking promo images of the HTC One M9 earlier today, @upleaks teased that videos were also incoming to cast away any doubt as to the legitimacy of his leaks. As promised, @upleaks delivered, posting 3 separate promo videos showing the HTC One M9 carrying that all too familiar One M8 design.

Samsung Galaxy S6: treasure trove of alleged leaked photos show the phone from every angle [UPDATE]

Feb 25th - Alleged images of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S6 have just been posted online. The uploader claims the phone came straight from AT&T, and features an all-glass back.

Newly-leaked photos show the Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge side-by-side

Feb 26th - The same leakster of yesterday's Galaxy S6 blowout dished out new shots of the Samsung Galaxy S6 sitting next to the alleged Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge.

Verizon Nexus 6 promo materials begin hitting retail stores, mid-March launch date tipped

Feb 25th - We've been hearing for awhile now that the Verizon Nexus 6 could launch on February 26th, but according to sources, a mid-March launch date is looking more likely.

Funnily enough, T-Mobile’s Samsung Galaxy S6 teaser gives us our clearest look at the phone yet

Feb 23rd - T-Mobile's sign up page for Samsung's "next big thing" has gone live, and on it we see a nice little teaser that actually reveals a bit of its design.

Verizon Nexus 6 coming March 12th with Android 5.1 and Advanced Calling / VoLTE support baked in

Feb 26th - We told you the Nexus 6 wasn't launching today, but when it does arrive (March 12th), it'll come with Android 5.1 and support for Advanced Calling / VoLTE baked into the OS.

Supposed leaked HTC One M9 renders pop up, and something’s not adding up

Feb 23rd - We were told not to expect the HTC One M8's design to be repeated in HTC's 2015 follow-up, but another new leak suggests we'll be getting treated to a familiar face. Cyberport -- a dutch retailer -- posted a listing for the HTC One M9 with supposed renders of the device.

Don’t look now, but Sponsored Apps are coming to Google Play

Feb 26th - Google Play's search results have long been clean of advertisements with Google looking to ranking algorithms, editor-curated lists and other standard practices to let the best apps naturally bubble to the top. But developers will soon be able to pay for their app to be featured above all the rest.

How I learned to stop worrying and let an SMS robot manage my savings

Feb 25th - Let me tell you something about myself: I’m young, irresponsible, and check my bank account balance once every two months (if that). It’s not that I’m sitting so comfortably that I never need to check; it’s more the opposite. I live in constant paranoia about my funds and stand by the maxim “out of sight, out of mind.”

[Update] Even more renders suggest the HTC One M9 will look just like the HTC One M8

Feb 24th - Another promotional render of the HTC One M9 has been leaked by @upleaks, who believes it's the real deal. They're so sure, in fact, that they've promised to bring another piece of evidence more strong than anything else -- video.

@Upleaks Twitter account goes offline shortly after leaking HTC One M9 promo videos [WTF]

Feb 24th - And just like that, @upleaks has mysteriously disappeared from the world of Twitter. His account -- and all his tweets -- were taken offline less than an hour after he posted videos of what could be the upcoming HTC One M9.

This is Pebble Time, a color e-paper smart watch with week-long battery life

Feb 24th - That teasing little countdown timer on Pebble's website has finally expired, and the announcement we've been waiting for has been made. Pebble today introduced Pebble Time, their next generation e-Ink smart watch with a color display.

HTC PR rep suggests we have “no idea” what they’re bringing to MWC as Upleaks account returns

Feb 25th - Through all the witch hunting and back and forth about what the HTC One M9 will look like, we haven't heard anything from the horse's mouth. That's usually rare, but one HTC rep chimed in to confirm that no one has any idea what they're announcing.

Ting’s GSM service now in open beta, pay only what you use per month on T-Mobile’s network

Feb 24th - For those that were interested in giving Ting a shot but were turned off by the prospect of having to put up with Sprint, they've officially announced that their new GSM service is officially in open beta. Pay only for what you use on T-Mobile's network.

What’s inside Motorola’s mysterious box? A new Moto E with 4G LTE, a faster processor and more

Feb 25th - If you don't remember, Motorola was supposed to be sending us a "box" with "everything we need" inside today. What was inside that box? A press conference. No, really -- it's actually a press conference inside a box to announce the Moto E 2015.

Moto 360 reportedly heading to Moto Maker in March

Feb 26th - The Moto 360 is reportedly heading to Moto Maker next month. Once it arrives, prospective buyers will be able to customize the watch using the available color options and watch straps.

Spigen’s Galaxy S6 Edge cases now available for pre-order, renders show off front view

Feb 23rd - If you have your heart set on the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, Spigen is now offering up a few of their GS6 Edge cases for pre-order. The renders show off the front of the phone, but before you get too excited, everything may not be what it seems.

AT&T Moto X (2nd Gen) now receiving Android 5.0.2 Lollipop update

Feb 25th - Better late than never (but almost just as embarrassing), AT&T is now officially ready to push out Android 5.0.2 to the Motorola Moto X (2nd Gen) nearly 4 months after it became available on the stock "Pure Edition."

How to toggle hardware controls with Google Now voice commands [VIDEO]

Feb 25th - A few months ago Google added the ability to open certain settings with your voice. It wouldn't automatically turn off WiFi for you, but someone must have recently flipped the switch on this feature, because now it's working just like you would expect.

LG Watch Urbane’s beauty shines through in latest promo video

Feb 24th - The LG Watch Urbane -- which is crafted mostly of metal -- looks downright gorgeous, and LG reminds us of that in its latest promo video.