Samsung Galaxy S5 sales already said to be in the “millions” range

Apr 14th - Samsung will have plenty to celebrate this week after another successful launch of a flagship. According to ZDNet Korea, the company has already surpassed 1 million in sales, and the train doesn't appear to be slowing down.

HTC One M8 said to be coming in plastic variant

Apr 14th - Want a plastic HTC One M8? Me neither, but according to the latest rumors we could be getting one sometime soon. TMT Post is reporting that HTC is planning to introduce a plastic version of their 2014 flagship smartphone.

Documents show Android didn’t have touch input until after the iPhone was announced (but you already knew that)

Apr 14th - Not that we need formal confirmation, but some new slides presented in the Apple vs Samsung battle of 2014 have confirmed that Android originally didn't implement a way to input commands, text or anything else by way of touch screen.

T-Mobile UNcarrier Day 3 of 3: get rid of carrier overages

Apr 14th - We thought T-Mobile would be announcing day 3 of their latest "UNcarrier" announcements last Friday, but we had to wait a full weekend to hear anything. The day has finally come, though, with T-Mobile capping off this hat-trick with an announcement that they're abolishing carrier overages.

Pressy aiming for April 28th delivery date, will “squash” copycats with patent

Apr 14th - Pressy seem to be moving along smoothly, as Nimrod Back is confident enough to say they will begin shipping on April 28th, though the first actual deliveries aren't expected to begin until Mid-May.

Sprint Nexus 5 update brings more Spark bands, “miscellaneous Android updates”

Apr 14th - The Now Network, formally known as Sprint, is pushing out an upgrade to their Nexus 5 this morning. Build KTU48F is in tow, with the biggest known change being the enabling of Sprint Spark bands 26 and 41.