OnePlus will be launching not one, but two phones this year

Apr 14th - OnePlus one, the manufacturer that people love to hate, is set to have a big year. We've heard plenty of rumors about the upcoming OnePlus Two, but two could have a new meaning in 2015.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Review

Apr 15th - After seemingly growing complacent the past few years, Samsung came out in 2015 swinging with the all new Samsung Galaxy S6. By now you've heard the hype, but is the phone really worth the steep asking price? Find out in our in depth review.

Cyanogen announces partnership with Microsoft that will bundle their apps on Cyanogen OS

Apr 16th - OK, so Cyanogen was only half-joking about their operating system being "powered by Microsoft" on April Fools day. The company today announced that they've entered a strategic partnership with the Redmond-based company to have their apps pre-loaded on Cyanogen OS.

LG confirms G4 has real-leather backing in latest teaser

Apr 16th - LG has never been shy about teasing their phones ahead of launch. That big leak from over the weekend was probably a bit much for their liking, but that won't stop them from doing what they seem to love the most: giving us a fairly decent look at the phone ahead of its formal launch.

When fanboyism goes too far: Android vs iOS argument results in two friends stabbing each other

Apr 17th - In what appears to be the resultant of drunken stupor on both sides, an Android user and his iOS faithful buddy began a conversation about which platform was better. Only, what started out as a conversation ended up in bloodshed.

Huawei announces the gorgeous P8 and giant P8max

Apr 15th - As we've remarked in the past, Huawei is "so hot right now." They're actually the fourth biggest smartphone manufacturer in the world right now. Today they've announced their latest devices, the Huawei P8 and Huawei P8max.

Sharp reveals a ridiculous 5.5-inch 4K display, but will smartphones ever need that much?

Apr 13th - The display arms race has been underway since companies decided Quad HD was the new high-end standard last year, but Sharp says that isn't enough -- displays need to be even more rich and dense than they currently are. The company today announced the development of a 5.5-inch display at a whopping 4K resolution.

Google’s wireless service could charge you for only the exact amount of data you use

Apr 14th - According to newly-leaked details, Google's wireless network -- referred to as Nova in many previous rumors, but also now known as Project Fi -- could charge you only for the exact amount of data you use. Find out what else Google might have planned for their wireless service.

Samsung Galaxy S6 vs iPhone 6 [VIDEO]

Apr 17th - We know why you're here. You've no doubt heard the claims that the iPhone 6 is the best smartphone in the market. Now that the Samsung Galaxy S6 has finally launched, you're curious to see how the 2 heavy weights match up. Wonder no more in our Galaxy S6 vs iPhone 6 face-off.

How to watch HBO Now on Android

Apr 15th - If you don't have cable and want to watch HBO you were probably excited to hear about HBO Now. That excitement was probably killed when you heard it would only work with the Apple TV.

OnePlus schedules event for 4/20, OnePlus Two incoming?

Apr 17th - OnePlus is gearing up to announce something this Monday, April 20th. We're not sure exactly what it could be (OnePlus Two?), but let's hope whatever it is, we wont need an invite to purchase.

Deal: Up to 70% off Lexar memory at Amazon

Apr 13th - Lexar is the latest dealer of storage cards to be featured on Amazon's Gold Box deal of the day. A good number of their products are going for steep discounts today. For starters, 32GB, 64GB and 128GB microSD cards are going for $23.99, $39.95 and $87.99.

Buyers Guide: Samsung Galaxy S6 or Galaxy S6 Edge?

Apr 14th - Galaxy S6 or Galaxy S6 Edge? It's a tough decision. On the one hand you have an excellent device with a beautiful design, slimmed down software, and a great camera. On the other hand you have all of that, plus a curved display.

Cover your Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge from accidental damage with Samsung’s Protection Plus Mobile Elite plans

Apr 16th - Samsung is now offering their Protection Plus Mobile Elite insurance plans on the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge. The plans vary according to the device and include accidental damage. Check out our post for more details.

Microsoft reportedly discounts smartphone licensing fees for OEMs who pre-install their apps

Apr 14th - We weren't sure what Microsoft offered Samsung to convince them to pre-install their apps on Samsung's latest phones and tablets, but new information reported by DigiTimes suggest a very valuable deal could have been made.

Android 5.1.1 references start showing up on Google’s site

Apr 17th - Android 5.1.1 is showing up on Google's Android developers site. The goods exist on the page concerning audio latency, where Google lists the Nexus 7 and Nexus 9 as having "Android 5.1.1" as their latest builds.

Moto 360 is going for just $165 at Google Play [DEAL]

Apr 14th - Just yesterday we told you of a decent deal to get $100 off the Moto 360 at Best Buy, but Google seems to be one-upping that one in a big way. The company has reduced the price of the Moto 360 to just $165 over at Google Play.

#Rotategate: Many Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge users are having auto-rotate issues

Apr 17th - Is your Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge suddenly stuck in one screen orientation? You're not alone -- Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge accelerometers everywhere seem to be getting their gears jammed.

Here is Google’s internal reaction to the European Commission’s case of antitrust against Android

Apr 15th - Don't look now, but the European Commission -- a group that regulates commerce in the EU -- has opened antitrust investigations into Google. The company is being charged with allegations of antitrust in areas of search and mobile operating systems.

Quick Tip: You can now type “Find my phone” into Google Search to locate it

Apr 16th - To make things easier whenever you need to locate your lost or stolen Android phone, Google has created an interface that will show up whenever you type "find my phone" into their search engine.