Decision Day: Samsung Galaxy S6 or HTC One M9? [POLL]

Mar 26th - March 27th just became a very big day in mobile. The main flagship releases from two of the smartphone industry's biggest heavy hitters will be available to purchase (in some capacity) as soon as tonight. Which side are you on?

Samsung Galaxy S6 & S6 Edge prices for T-Mobile, AT&T, Verizon, Sprint & US Cellular

Mar 26th - Samsung has announced pre-sales for the Samsung Galaxy S6 and Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge will begin tomorrow, and you're probably wondering how much money you'll need in your pocket books for whichever model you're after. We've taken the time to lay it all out for you.

T-Mobile’s Des Smith unboxes the Samsung Galaxy S6 [HEAVY BREATHING]

Mar 25th - If you're at all curious to see what will coming inside the box of the Samsung Galaxy S6 for T-Mobile, look no further. T-Mobile Product Expert Des Smith is giving us a quick look.

First photos of the alleged LG G4 Note leaked in the wild, complete with fancy new stylus

Mar 26th - An XDA member has leaked, what appear to be photos of the the upcoming LG G4 Note. At least that’s what he’s calling it. The photos show a phone unlike previous LG devices we’ve seen, mainly the fact that it’s now got a Galaxy Note-like stylus up on top.

This GIF wonderfully illustrates the evolution of Samsung’s Galaxy S line

Mar 27th - The folks at GadgetLove are at it again, compiling every Galaxy S6 iteration into a single, mighty morphing GIF. Mesmerizing, isn't it?

Surprise: OnePlus One’s Lollipop updates are delayed

Mar 27th - OnePlus made a commitment to get CyanogenMod 12S and OxygenOS out to OnePlus One users by the end of this month. They promised that a failure to do so would result in a phone giveaway to show how serious they were to that commitment. Aaaaannd it looks like they're giving away phones.

The HTC One M9 and M8 look so much alike, not even HTC can tell them apart

Mar 26th - We stumbled across a sponsored post from HTC's Facebook page which was supposed to show off the BoomSound speakers on the One M9, but actually pictured last year's One M8 instead. Ouch.

Test drive the HTC One M9 at select Best Buy locations, see for yourself if it’s worth the hype

Mar 27th - Sometimes seeing is believing. HTC knows this and it's why you'll soon be able to give the HTC One M9 a whirl at your local Best Buy. Check out our post to see which locations are available for viewings.

Google’s driverless car might have airbags on the outside to protect pedestrians

Mar 26th - The public likely won't allow a driverless car to take to the road without some added safety precautions. For Google's cars, one of those precautions could be the inclusion of external airbags in the event that the car unfortunately finds itself in an accident.

OnePlus’s “game-changing” announcement isn’t a games console — it’s a drone, apparently

Mar 27th - OnePlus nonchalantly confirmed in an Ask Me Anything session on reddit that they'd be revealing a gaming drone dubbed the DR-1, but are they just throwing us for a loop?

Samsung Galaxy S6 Active might trade fingerprint scanner/heart rate sensor for micro SD card slot

Mar 25th - After rumors of a Samsung Galaxy S6 Active kicked off earlier this month, we're now hearing the S6 Active might ditch the fingerprint reader/heart rate sensor in favor of a micro SD card slot.

How to root the Motorola Droid Turbo

Mar 25th - Step-by-step guide for how to root the Droid Turbo for Verizon with MOFOROOT is released, complete with tutorial video.

HTC One M9 teardown shows how difficult it is to repair a broken display [VIDEO]

Mar 27th - By now we all know HTC will repair the One M9 during the first year of purchase, but what if you break it again? Those wondering how difficult it would be to repair something like the One M9's display will want to check out this post.

Google will FINALLY solve Chrome’s laggy scrolling issue by using a Microsoft-made solution

Mar 26th - It seems Google is finally looking to make the one move that should rid us of scroll lag in Chrome for Android. The company recently confirmed that they will look to implement the Pointer Events API, which is an all-encompassing standard for mouse, touch and stylus input made by Microsoft.

Buy a Samsung Galaxy S6 or S6 Edge from T-Mobile and get an entire year of Netflix for free

Mar 25th - Besides being one of the few carriers in the US to offer unlimited data plans, T-Mobile is offering a full year of Netflix for those buying a Galaxy S6 or S6 Edge, absolutely free of charge.

Google’s “Pony Express” project will let you pay bills from your Gmail inbox

Mar 25th - Bills -- we all hate them. Anything that tells you "your money is ours and you must pay, or else" is the enemy of our enemy. But they must be paid, and according to the latest rumors Google is looking to make the process of paying it simple.

For the second time in under a year, HTC’s lead designer leaves the company

Mar 27th - Whether it's due to stagnant visions on smartphone design or something as simple as the inevitable motions of life, for one reason or another HTC has yet again lost their lead product designer. Jonah Becker announced his departure from the company today.

New HTC One E9+ renders reveal 3 different color variants

Mar 27th - Much like the HTC One M9+ will be to the HTC One M9, HTC is planning on making a Plus variant of the HTC One E9. Upleaks revealed new renders of that device today, and gave us a look at three of its expected color variants in the process.

HTC sends invites for HTC One M9+ revelation April 8th in Beijing, new images leak

Mar 25th - HTC had a big shindig in Barcelona a couple of weeks ago to unveil the HTC One M9, and now the variant we were really hoping to see could be due April 8th.

Latest Android malware sneakily installs rogue apps, but Play Store users need not worry

Mar 25th - Quick heads-up on a vulnerability you might learn about soon. The folks at Palo Alto stumbled across a major security vulnerability within Android that could allow malicious apps to hijack an app install.