Protip: Swiping away recent apps is killing your device’s performance

Sep 16th - At this point in Android’s history it has been well established that task killers are a bad thing. Android is built to manage tasks for you. If you constantly kill them you can negatively impact performance. Nowadays we’re too smart to use task killers, but could we be harming performance in a different way? The […]

Hoping new iPhones will lure Android users, Apple posts guide to ease transition

Sep 17th - Apple’s 4.7 and 5.5-inch iPhones are the company finally admitting that some people like bigger phones. Most of those people currently use Android devices, a demographic Apple hopes to capture a slice of courtesy of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. They have gone ahead and posted a guide that will help Android users during the transition

Get your wallet ready, Moto 360 to be back in stock tomorrow

Sep 15th - Earlier today Motorola announced pre-order availability for the new Moto X. They also sneaked in word that the Moto 360 will be back in stock. When the 360 went up for sale just over a week ago it quickly went out of stock.

Did you pre-order the new Moto X (2nd Gen) today? [POLL]

Sep 16th - We want to know how many of you pre-ordered this new phone. The original Moto X was a mild success, but has very loyal and loving fans. Are you getting on the bandwagon? We also want to know what choices you made when customizing the device.

Microsoft creates a great keyboard for Android devices

Sep 16th - Microsoft and Google are not the best of friends, but Microsoft has shown willingness to play nice with Google's OS. Several of their services are available as Android apps, and now they've created a very nice-looking Bluetooth keyboard.

Motorola Moto 360 review

Sep 16th - The Moto 360 is easily the best looking smartwatch on the market thanks to its traditional circular design. But is there more to the hockey-puck shaped smartwatch? We explore all the ins and outs of the Moto 360 in our full review.

Get $50 off the new Moto X if you have a .edu email address

Sep 15th - Tomorrow is the big day for Moto X (2nd gen) pre-orders. The "Pure Edition" (unbranded and unlocked) and the AT&T model will be available for $499 to $99, depending on your contract situation. However, if you have a current or old .edu email address lying around you can get a sweet $50 discount.

Android silver is probably dead, long live the Nexus

Sep 17th - Back in April we first heard rumors of a new program at Google called "Android Silver." Initial rumors claimed Android Silver would replace the Nexus program completely, but now we're hearing the opposite.

Moto X (2nd Gen) goes up for pre-order from AT&T in black, leather, and bamboo

Sep 16th - Yesterday we told you about the new Moto X going up for pre-order today. We were expecting pre-orders to go live at 11am Central, but AT&T has jumped the gun. They are offering the 16GB version of the new Moto X in black soft-touch, black leather, and bamboo.

Moto G (2nd gen) Review

Sep 16th - The Moto G is a rare beast: a budget-priced phone from one of the most respected players in the mobile industry. Motorola doesn’t just stamp their name on any old handset, and it’s more apparent than ever with the 2014 refresh to the company’s best selling smartphone of all time.

Moto Voice update adds features for Moto 360 users

Sep 15th - One of the best reasons to own a Motorola device is the excellent Moto Voice capability. Simply put, it's like Google Now on steroids. It's pretty cool. Moto Voice was just updated with some interesting additions for Moto 360 users.

This is the Google Play Store’s Material Design update

Sep 16th - Android's new Material Design language has been slowly rolling out to Google services and 3rd-party apps. We're still waiting on the release of Android L to see Material Design in all its glory. One app that has changed a lot over the years is the Play Store, and you can bet it will be changed once again for #Materiyolo.

Panasonic shows Samsung how to make an Android cameraphone

Sep 15th - Samsung was one of the first Android OEMs to try Android cameraphones. The problem with those devices is they are bulky and not that great at being a camera. Panasonic is trying to do both of those things better with their new Lumix CM1.

This is the Nexus 9 keyboard case

Sep 15th - Last week NVIDIA spilled the beans on the upcoming HTC-made Nexus 9 tablet. The leaked document stated the Nexus 9 will be released in the third quarter of 2014, which we are currently in. One of the exciting features of the Nexus 9 is the rumored Microsoft Surface-like keyboard case.

A Chinese city has made a special sidewalk for phone addicts

Sep 15th - You've heard of bike lanes, but what about phone lanes? Chongqing City in China has created a special sidewalk lane for phone zombies. One side of the sidewalk is clearly marked "Mobile Phone Sidewalk," and the other side is for normal pedestrians.

Andy’s Threads brings awesome Android apparel to the masses

Sep 16th - Back in the day you may remember a popular series of Android t-shirts that took the geek world by storm. It's been a long time since we've seen some creative Android apparel like those t-shirts, but Andy's Threads is trying to fix that.

ZTE ZMAX is a gigantic, affordable phablet for T-Mobile

Sep 17th - ZTE's latest attempt to gain market share in the US is a phablet for T-Mobile. The ZMAX is has a giant 5.7-inch display, but that is not the big selling point of this device. Most phablets are flagship devices with flagship prices, but the ZMAX is geared toward the mid-range market.

Punit Soni steps down as senior product manager at Motorola

Sep 17th - Punit Soni, Motorola senior product manager, has stepped down from his post. The man who had a large role in the launch of the Moto X and Moto G shares his favorite memory of his time with the company.

You can now experience life as a rampaging goat on Android

Sep 17th - Christmas has come early for goat lovers The bizarre Goat Simulator has been released to the Play Store two days early. For everyone else you're probably asking "what the heck is Goat Simulator?"

Mid-range LG G3 Vigor coming to AT&T and Sprint on the cheap

Sep 16th - The LG G3 family is getting a little bigger. Today, LG has announced a new mid-range device for the G3 series, and it's coming to U.S. carriers. The LG G3 Vigor will be available on AT&T and Sprint later this year.