Android vs iOS: hilarious comedian has field day on fanboys [VIDEO]

Apr 30th - The Android vs iOS war will never die as long as the two operating systems remain relevant, but one comedian puts things into the sort of perspective that would make even the most enraged fanboys take a step back and laugh at themselves.

Cyanogen CEO: OnePlus would have only sold one phone outside of China without CyanogenMod

Apr 29th - You can officially close the books on the OnePlus and Cyanogen marriage. If Steve Kondik's assertion that you likely won't be seeing any more collaborations from the two didn't cement it, perhaps CEO Kirt McMaster's penchant for saying the wrong things at the wrong time will.

Android 5.1.1 update appears to be rolling out to Galaxy S6 owners

Apr 29th - A user over at XDA is reporting to quite possibly be among the first on the receiving end of the Android 5.1.1 update for the Samsung Galaxy S6. Eduardo Mera (Sunderwear on XDA) provides evidence that his T-Mobile-branded Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge received the build only minutes ago.

Samsung retakes largest smartphone vendor crown from Apple in Q1 2015

Apr 29th - The Samsung Galaxy S6 wasn't even out until Q2 2015, but Samsung's first quarter results were good enough to dethrone Apple and reclaim the title of biggest smartphone vendor.

LG Call app lets you dial anyone straight from your LG Watch Urbane

May 1st - A new app for LG's latest smartwatch -- the LG Watch Urbane -- has hit Google Play. It's LG Call, and it servers a simple function: letting you call people from your wrist.

Tag Heuer’s first Android Wear watch will run you $1,400

Apr 29th - We weren't sure what Tag Heuer would look to do for their first Android Wear smart watch when plans for them to make one were revealed, but Bloomberg's latest report sheds a bit more light. First thing's first: this thing won't be cheap. Tag Heuer's base price is set to start at $1,400.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge review: worth an extra $100?

Apr 30th - After posting our regular Galaxy S6 review a few weeks ago, we're ready to take a closer look at the Galaxy S6 Edge. More specifically, the one feature that sets the two devices apart: it's curved Edge display. Is the phone really worth $100 extra dollars? Find out in our review.

Fleksy keyboard giving away free unlock to full version, but only for a limited time

Apr 30th - We know, it’s going to be tough for anyone already invested in their favorite keyboard app to try something new, but we implore you to give Fleksy a shot. Right now they're giving away a free upgrade to the full version, but only for a limited time.

It’s official: Windows 10 can run Android apps… sort of

Apr 29th - Yesterday, we heard about Microsoft's plans to get Android apps to run on Windows 10. Well, the news was true, but only to a degree. Find out how the Redmond company plans to attract more developers.

Samsung might fix Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge’s aggressive RAM management in future update

May 1st - When it comes to Android devices, let’s be clear: RAM is meant to be used. What’s the point of having 3GB of DDR4 RAM if your phone keeps closing out apps the moment you leave them to do something else on the device?

Samsung Galaxy Tab A in 8 or 9.7-inches now available in the US

May 1st - We told you guys about Samsung’s newest line of affordable tablets — the Samsung Galaxy Tab A — back when they went up for pre-order last week. Available in either 8 or 9.7 inch varieties, these tablets wont blow you away with their spec sheet, but then again they wont break the bank either.

Here are the first 4 LG G4 ads you’ll see on TV [VIDEO]

Apr 30th - LG is quite excited about the new smartphone they just unveiled earlier this week -- the LG G4, if you haven't been paying attention -- and they're going to share that excitement with everyone early on through a quartet of new ads.

HTC One M9 now supports RAW image format thanks to latest camera update

Apr 30th - HTC's camera app has received a nice upgrade over at Google Play. The biggest feature in tow is for users of the HTC One M9 -- HTC has enabled the RAW image format for those who prefer capturing images that way.

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic is now $2.99 on Google Play (down from $9.99)

May 1st - Star Wars fanatics looking for a deep game to sink their teeth into have no reason not to take advantage of today's deal. Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic -- one of the greatest Star Wars RPGs ever made -- is now on sale for $2.99.

Snag a Nexus 5 with one year of unlimited service for only $199 from

Apr 29th - Nexus 6 owners might have Google’s new Project Fi network to look forward to, but what about the Nexus 5? While we can’t do anything for current owners, we would like to draw your attention to a new deal available from you can now pick up a Nexus 5 with one-year of unlimited talk […]

Guest Mode will arrive on Galaxy S6 with release of Android 5.1 update

Apr 29th - When the Android 5.1 update arrives for the Samsung Galaxy S6 and Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, one Android feature missing since launch will make its debut. According to a new report, Guest Mode will be accessible as part of the Lollipop upgrade slated for Samsung’s flagship line.

Have Shazam listen for a song straight from the Google app with new 3rd party app integration

Apr 30th - Google is looking to super charge the voice command functionality on your Android device by integrating 3rd party apps with the usual “Ok Google” commands. Announced today on Google+, you can now launch applications with nothing else but your voice using the Google Search app.

HTC turns a modest profit of $11 million in Q1 2015

Apr 29th - HTC's numbers will never look as gaudy as Samsung and LG's considering they don't have their hands dipped in nearly the same amount of industries, but the company did do quite well for themselves in Q1 2015.

Grab a Nexus Player for only $75 with free $20 Google Play credit

Apr 30th - For anyone who can’t get enough Android in their life, the Android TV-powered Nexus Player makes a great option to streaming devices like Apple TV or Roku. Right now, the streaming set top box can now be found on Amazon for around $75, that’s about $25 cheaper than you’ll find it on the Google Store. […]

Watch this cool Avengers fight in 360-degree goodness on YouTube for Android [VIDEO]

Apr 30th - While the earliest videos released for YouTube for Android's new 360-degree viewing experience were cool, we've been waiting for a chance to be thrown into the universe of our favorite fictional stories, like the ones which Marvel writes. Thankfully Samsung and Marvel have done just that in order to promote their new Avengers movie.