8 things I hate about the Samsung Galaxy S5

Apr 19th - After 1 week with the phone (and against the advice of his peers), Chris Chavez is eating T-Mobile's $50 restocking fee, and returning his Samsung Galaxy S5. Why? Find out in the post.

OnePlus One size and specs draw inexplicable anger

Apr 23rd - Now that the OnePlus One has finally been announced, people are analyzing every little nook and cranny. Some people have taken the company to task on one particular area - dimensions - claiming they're not living up to the expectations they set in promotions and marketing.

OnePlus One officially, finally and fully unveiled

Apr 23rd - It's been a veeeery long and arguably frustrating wait, but the OnePlus One has finally been unveiled for the world to see. The beaut you see here is the first device built specifically for CyanogenMod.

LG G3 screenshots leak again, LG’s fresh new user interface has us drooling

Apr 22nd - Is LG taking cues from iOS 7 in their UI refresh for the LG G3? Certainly borrows some design elements, but we aren't complaining (anything is better than their current UI). Additional screenshots in the post.

My Galaxy S5 isn’t as water resistant as I thought

Apr 19th - How waterproof is the Galaxy S5? Or maybe the question should be how water resistant? No matter how you ask it... the answer might be "not very" based on our most recent experience.

HTC said to be responsible for upcoming 8-inch Nexus tablet, could be Google’s last one

Apr 21st - Google and HTC haven't exactly been BFFs in the Nexus world, but the duo could be pairing up to bring the next Nexus tablet if reports by DigiTimes are to be believed.

Oppo Find 7a Review

Apr 21st - Oppo’s latest flagship smartphone, the Find 7a - the younger brother of the upcoming Find 7, follows Oppo’s previous track record, bringing impeccable hardware, incredible design, and just the right amount of innovation to make any smartphone fan salivate.

CyanogenMod 11S – OnePlus One UI showcased for all to see

Apr 18th - Earlier tonight we saw a supposed leak of the upcoming OnePlus One. The leak included press renders of the phone, a variety of back covers, and supposedly depicted the phones upcoming UI. Carl Pei of OnePlus took to the official OnePlus forums moments ago to put an end to the rumors running rampant this evening.

Alleged Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime (SM-G906S) appears in India

Apr 21st - The alleged higher-end Samsung Galaxy S5 "Prime" has appeared in an Indian shipping manifest. Do rumors of a super premium Galaxy S5 have more legs to stand on?

Samsung KQ prototype rumored to be the Galaxy S5 we all wanted with QHD display, Exynos 5430

Apr 22nd - Samsung could be looking to rectify the shortcomings of the Galaxy S5 with a new device rumored to be on the way. SamMobile has caught wind of a user agent profile detailing a phone codenamed the Samsung "KQ."

Are you buying the OnePlus One? [POLL]

Apr 23rd - We've finally learned everything we need to know about the OnePlus One. Everything is peachy keen aside from an annoying purchase processWe've finally learned everything we need to know about the OnePlus One. Everything is peachy keen aside from an annoying purchase process. The question is simple then -- are you buying one?. The question is simple then -- are you buying one?

This Project Ara dual-analog controller concept has us licking our chops

Apr 21st - This concept controller module for Project Ara module looks amazing. Imagine snapping one of these onto the back of your phone for those intense gaming sessions?

40+ Apps for new Android users

Apr 22nd - We are hot on the tails of the release of several big-name Android flagship phones. These devices will carry the torch for their respective companies for most of this year. Whenever a new crop of devices gets launched a flood of new users enter the Android world. One of the first things new users will do is search the Google Play Store for apps to download.

Pricing for OnePlus One 16GB and 64GB models may have leaked ahead of tonight’s announcement

Apr 22nd - Pricing for the OnePlus One may have leaked online. Looks it could be 2199.99 RMB for the 16GB model, and for the 64GB version. Not too shabby.

Samsung Galaxy S5 vs HTC One M8 camera showdown at AndroidForums.com!

Apr 23rd - What good is a 16 megapixel ISOCELL camera sensor if you can't share the results of its might? Folks have done just that over at the Galaxy S5 section of Android Forums (where you'll also find a nice camera showdown against the HTC One M8 to top it all off).

The truth about the Galaxy S5 IP67 Water Resistant Certification

Apr 21st - What does the Samsung Galaxy S5 IP67 Certification mean for your phone? Is it waterproof? Just water resistant? Can you take it in the rain, shower, or swimming? Find out what you can really expect based on IP67 technical specifications.

Google tweets screenshot of new Dialer app complete with blue accents

Apr 21st - Hey, look at that. Google's Nexus account may have inadvertently tweeted out a picture of a new Dialer app, complete with blue accent bar. What do you think?

NVIDIA SHIELD 2 benchmark shows Tegra K1 and 4GB of RAM

Apr 22nd - NVIDIA's still working on pushing SHIELD to more consumers, but you'd be a fool to think they aren't working on their follow-up behind the scenes. The NVIDIA SHIELD 2 is expected to be quite the doozy, but we didn't know what to expect... until today.

KitKat for the Verizon LG G2 now rolling out over the air

Apr 19th - KitKat for the Verizon Wireless LG G2 is now officially rolling out over the air. Yesterday, we told you guys about the update, although it was only available via LG's Windows installer. Enjoy!

New Hangouts update brings merged SMS/Hangout conversations, widget and more

Apr 21st - Quick app update for those of you who have taken a liking to Hangouts after recent updates. The first big change you'll want to know about is that you can finally merge Hangouts and SMS conversations.