Android M’s new launcher has an app drawer you’re probably going to hate [VIDEO]

May 28th - Last year's Lollipop update added a little spin on the classic home screen with Google Now integration and they're already changing things up again this year with Android M. Here's what's new...

Android M battery lasts 2X longer than Lollipop thanks to new “doze” feature [VIDEO]

May 28th - If you were watching the Google IO 2015 keynote, you've gotten an early look at some of the things Google's doing for Android M. One of the biggest things they announced was a feature called "doze," and it has everything to do with saving precious juice on those petite batteries.

22 Bold predictions for Google IO 2015

May 26th - if there's anything we've learned in the past 6 years of covering Google IO, it's to expect the unexpected. In that spirit we've combined our logical expectations with our deepest (and sometimes unrealistic) Android desires to formulate these 22 Bold predictions for Google IO 2015.

Android M: is M for Milky Way?

May 28th - Android M will soon get a name and we're pretty sure it will be one of these two so which would you prefer: Android Milkshake or Android Milky Way?

Motorola might be using Snapdragon 808 and 810 in latest flagships

May 27th - Say what you want about the Snapdragon 810's supposed overheating issues, but it seems more companies are going to use it in their 2015 flagships. One such company seems to be Motorola, with a trusted tipster leaking word that at least one of their latest devices will use the oft-maligned chipset.

You can now upgrade your device with Verizon Edge as soon as it’s paid in full

May 27th - Verizon has announced a small, yet key change to their EDGE upgrade program. The company now allows you to upgrade through EDGE as soon as your device is paid in full as opposed to having to wait a certain amount of time. This is great for folks who want a new phone with little upfront […]

New Google Photos app offers unlimited storage for infinite photos

May 28th - Google unveiled its new standalone Photos app at IO today, but the biggest feature is unlimited storage for free.

OnePlus is announcing something on June 1st, could be the OnePlus Two

May 26th - Last year, the original OnePlus One was made official back in April. Here we are at the tail-end of May and suffice to say, we're probably a little overdue for a One followup. Now, OnePlus never committed to a yearly release schedule for their devices, so it's not like they're actually "late."

Google Photos is now live in the Google Play Store [DOWNLOAD]

May 28th - Google Photos is now officially live in the Google Play Store and available for the downloading. You can grab it via the link in our post and holy crap, is it good.

Download: T-Mobile’ Android 5.1.1 update and factory image for Nexus 6, WiFi Calling included

May 26th - After rolling out this weekend to the Nexus 6 on T-Mobile, the Android 5.1.1 update with WiFi Calling is now officially available in factory image form from Google. Here's where you can download.

Project Ara has a Lion King moment at Google IO

May 29th - We didn't get many meaningful updates on Project Ara from Google IO, unfortunately. What we did get was a majestic moment of pride from one of the project leads holding the a working Project Ara prototype up like the infamous scene straight out of Lion King.

Verizon LG G4 up for pre-order tomorrow, arrives in-store June 4th – LG G Pad X8.3 available tomorrow as well

May 27th - If you're on Verizon and can't wait to get your hands on the LG G4, you can get a head start tomorrow, May 28th. That's when pre-orders for the Verizon version will officially kick off and yes, it'll come with all those goodies we told you about.

Samsung’s idea for a dual-OS smartphone laptop dock includes using your phone as a track pad

May 27th - Samsung is thinking about making a laptop dock where a smartphone can double as the processing power for a full blown computing experience. That much was revealed in their latest patent, and even in a few that they were granted in the past.

Google announces Android Pay to replace Google Wallet

May 28th - Today during the annual Google IO keynote, Google announced Android Pay, the long awaited successor to Google Wallet.

Apps in Android M only ask permission for things when they need it

May 28th - One of the rumored features of Android M was more control over app permissions, and now it has come true. Google has formally announced that Android M will allow users to have much more control over which permissions apps need.

Google Photos is new again with brand new features and less Google+

May 28th - Google has always taken photos seriously. For a long time they've offered one of the best photo editing and management experiences available, and Google+ remains to be the best social network for photos. Today they've taken a fresh approach to photos again.

Watch Android M turn home buttons into magic with Google Now on Tap [VIDEO]

May 29th - The concept of Google Now on tap is so simple, yet so brilliant, that a year from now we may be wondering how we lived without it (or why someone else didn't think of it first).

Iron Man Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge has been fully revealed — here’s the official unboxing video

May 26th - Samsung has been teasing the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Iron Man edition for quite some time, but the goods have finally been fully revealed. It's everything we imagined it would be, with a very nice red chassis accented with some elegant-looking gold.

Split keyboard and multi-window are just a few tricks Android M has in store for tablet owners [VIDEO]

May 29th - Google's announced quite a few improvements with Android M but not everything was announced on stage. In this post, we take at some of the new features tablet owners are going to fall in love with.

ASUS ZenPad leaked ahead of Computex 2015 reveal, 4:3 aspect ratio confirmed

May 27th - ASUS is going to be waving their Taiwanese flag proudly at Computex next week, and the company is expected to introduce a new good-looking tablet to add to their ZenPad line. Check out this newly-leaked render of it.