Android M could bring native support for fingerprint scanning hardware

May 21st - If you've been doing this Android thing for awhile now, you'd know that fingerprint scanning smartphones are nothing new to Android. Turns out the next version of Android -- Android M -- could bring native support for the hardware.

A 7-inch mid-range HTC tablet has been spotted at an online export database

May 21st - A mid-range 7-inch HTC tablet has been spotted at online import/export database Zauba. The database surprisingly lists a few detailed specs, such as the fact that it has 1GB of RAM and sports a 1.2GHz quad-core chipset.

Samsung chief JK Shin flat-out denies Galaxy Note 5 will get a July announcement

May 20th - Earlier this week, a rumor suggested Samsung would look to challenge the iPhone 6S by bringing the Samsung Galaxy Note 5's launch a lot sooner than we're expecting. The rumor suggested a July revelation instead of Samsung taking to their , usual stage at IFA Berlin in September. And those rumors are now rubbish.

Moto G 3rd Gen makes brief appearance on retailer’s website

May 15th - There’s little doubt Motorola will follow up their widely successful mid-range Moto G (2nd Gen) with a followup this year. Moto CEO Rick Osterloh practically said as much in a tweet last month where he reiterated the company’s rough yearly release cycle.

Samsung spills the beans on the Galaxy S6 Active on their own website

May 15th - When we first let loose word on the existence of the Samsung Galaxy S6 Active, more information rolled through like an avalanche. And now even Samsung can't resist leaking their own plans.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Active appears in leaked press renders, black and white camo options shown

May 13th - If yesterday's leaked Galaxy S6 Active photos were a little too grainy for you, famed tipster @evleaks is now showing off the device in a pair of leaked press renders. Looks like both color options will come in an outdoorsy camo pattern.

LG G Pad X 8.3 is a sleek new tablet headed for Verizon [LEAK]

May 13th - Verizon is getting themselves a new tablet from their South Korean friends known as LG. This is the LG G Pad X as leaked by Evan Blass, the retired holder of the famed @evleaks Twitter account.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Active pictured in the wild

May 12th - After we posted some details regarding the Samsung Galaxy S6 Active earlier today, the device has now been pictured in the wild. Almost everything you love about the Galaxy S6, inside an ultra rugged package.

Sony Xperia Z4 reportedly headed to Verizon, LG G Pad X 8.3 and HTC Desire 562 too

May 12th - Every once in awhile, former tipster Evan Blass (@evleaks) comes out of retirement to drop some leaks on us. Blass is back with some info on a handful of Android devices that could be headed to Verizon later this year, one of which is the Xperia Z4.

Is the Samsung Zenzero the Galaxy S6 Active we’ve all been waiting for? [RUMOR]

May 12th - There is a vocal collective of folks out there refusing to buy a Samsung Galaxy S6 or S6 Edge because it isn't waterproof. But what about an "Active" variant? We're all patiently waiting and hoping for Samsung to announce it, and we may have just gotten our first indication that it's being readied.

Alleged model numbers of 3 mysterious Motorola devices spotted with 2K displays

May 11th - Over the weekend, a Reddit user posted the model numbers of a few reported Motorola devices, one (or all) of which could be the 3rd generation Moto X.

HTC could be planning to infuse Blinkfeed with advertisements and sponsored apps

May 11th - While HTC Blinkfeed is one of the better home-screen newsfeeds on an Android device, it could be getting an update that would stand to annoy the heck out of many-a user. Upleaks has reason to believe HTC is readying a Blinkfeed update that will look to monetize the social feed.

3rd gen Moto X could have a 16 megapixel camera with optical image stabilization and 4K video

May 11th - Motorola will almost certainly introduce a new Moto X this year, though it may be a bit on the early side to start thinking about what, exactly, they'll look to do. Some early information could have given us a hint as to Motorola's plans for its camera, though.

This is the 9.7-inch Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 [LEAK]

May 11th - Samsung has a new tablet on the horizon, though we wouldn't expect anything less from the world's leading Android manufacturer. It's the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2, which stands to be the sequel to yesteryear's flagship slate.

Chinese analyst: Huawei-made Nexus will have 5.7-inch Quad HD display, Snapdragon 810

May 8th - While we've been dreaming of what a Huawei-made Nexus could look like, one Chinese analyst claims to already know some hard details of the supposed device.

Report: Android M will allow users to block app permissions upon installation

May 7th - A new report out of Bloomberg claims Google is finally about to give Android users the one feature they've been asking for years now: the ability to hand-pick specific permissions to grant an app upon installation.

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge 2 might not have all the high-end specs of the Galaxy Note 5 [RUMOR]

May 7th - Looking at the Samsung Galaxy S6 and Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, it only makes sense to assume that Samsung would plan something similar for the Samsung Galaxy Note 5. Looks like that might not be the case, if the latest rumors hold true.

Here’s what the Oppo R7 will be like when the company unveils it next month

Apr 28th - Oppo has a new champion arriving next month, and with as many leaks as we've seen going around we'd almost say there's no reason for them to wait that long. It's the Oppo R7, and it looks quite impressive.

Rumor: Microsoft could make it possible to run Android apps on Windows 10

Apr 28th - Windows enthusiast blogger Paul Thurrott has revealed that Microsoft will most likely announce that Windows 10 will support Android apps. The details are slim, but we imagine it wouldn't be much different than what Blackberry did a couple of years ago.

Nokia denies rumors that they’re looking to re-enter the smartphone arena

Apr 27th - Nokia has been rumored to reenter the smartphone scene as soon as their "no smartphone" clause that was part of their departure from Microsoft runs dry. As much sense as those rumors might make, Nokia's official word says they're wholly inaccurate.