New evidence the LG G4 could come with 3K display, Huawei says battery life isn’t worth sacrificing for ultra high res displays

Jan 30th - As the LG G4 is now being rumored to come equipped with a 3K display, Huawei is chiming in on the debate of phones using ultra high resolution displays. Says super high res simply isn't worth sacrificing battery life on a smartphone.

Did the Sony Xperia Z4 just get certified in Indonesia?

Jan 30th - Sony is rumored to be skipping out on a big flagship reveal for Mobile World Congress this year, but that doesn't mean they are hard at work on one. A few smartphones have found their way to certification over in Indonesia.

This alleged Samsung Galaxy S6 prototype seems to match up with all those cases we’ve been seeing

Jan 29th - Here's a quick look at what could be an early Samsung Galaxy S6 prototype. The phone looks strikingly similar to Samsung's A-series, and has a similar LED flash / missing rear speaker placement as that case leak from earlier.

Samsung could unbundle most apps from TouchWiz on the Samsung Galaxy S6 [REPORT]

Jan 29th - We'd already heard reports that Samsung was looking to go with a more "Nexus-like" user experience for TouchWiz on the Samsung Galaxy S6, though we weren't exactly sure what to expect. New details may have emerged this morning.

Is this our first look at the REAL HTC One M9 (and its bigger brother with a fingerprint scanner)?

Jan 28th - After it was revealed that HTC slyly used decoy prototypes of the HTC One M9 to throw the blogosphere through a loop, we'd heard details of a new design for the upcoming flagship smartphone. That new design might have been leaked today.

Google’s Nova MVNO will automatically switch between best available networks

Jan 27th - It was only last week we caught wind of Google's plans to become an MVNO to provide affordable wireless service and we've already gotten some early details. Google will use a new technology that will automatically select the best available T-Mobile or Sprint network.

HTC has reportedly been using One M9 decoys to hide the phone’s final design

Jan 26th - HTC has reportedly been using decoy units to hide the One M9's true design. Here's a quick description of what they'll really unveil at their March 1st event in Barcelona.

11 new Samsung trademarks include Nudge: new touchless control feature for the Samsung Galaxy S6?

Jan 26th - Samsung loaded the United States Patents and Trademark Office up with a whopping 11 new patents recently, and one of them caught our eye above all the rest. Is Samsung working on a new touchless control feature for the Samsung Galaxy S6?

Newly-leaked HTC One M9 pictures show subtle build changes in our clearest look yet

Jan 22nd - We'd be lying if we said we got enough of these HTC One M9 leaks, but it's always nice to get a good look at a device well ahead of its launch. A trusted, reliable source of Phandroid's close to the Taiwanese company passed along a couple of new photos for us to take a look at.

HTC One M9 (Hima) leaked in press and case renders, One M8 comparison thrown in for good measure

Jan 21st - After getting our first look at the alleged HTC One M9 (Hima) in the wild, we've come across a leaked press render, and the device as it appears in a few generic cases. Take a look!

Google will reportedly launch their own wireless service this year

Jan 21st - After what seems like years of rumors and speculation, a new report from several sources close to the matter are now saying that Google is gearing up to launch their own wireless service later this year.

Full Samsung Galaxy S6 specs allegedly leaked: 128GB of storage, wireless charging and more

Jan 21st - With all we've been hearing about the Samsung Galaxy S6 lately, we haven't gotten a full list of what to expect, specs wise. That could have changed this morning, though, as the latest rumor lays it all out on the table.

Early HTC One M9 pictures give us our first look at its 20 megapixel camera

Jan 20th - We've gotten a quick first look at the HTC One M9 this morning, folks. It looks like an HTC One M8... only better.

Samsung Galaxy S6 battery to be non-removable, supposed glass back to blame [RUMOR]

Jan 19th - Samsung is one of the few companies who have stuck to their guns in making sure the removable battery and microSD card slots don't die off, but one of those features is said to be absent from the Samsung Galaxy S6.

Report: HTC’s first smartwatch being unveiled alongside the HTC One M9 (Hima) at March 1st event

Jan 19th - We've been wondering how long it would take HTC to jump onto the smart watch bandwagon, but a new report from Bloomberg suggests it won't be long. The company is expected to launch their first smart watch at Mobile World Congress.

Rumor: Samsung Galaxy S6 to get iPhone-like fingerprint scanner, QHD display

Jan 16th - Apple may not have been the first to do fingerprint scanner on a phone, but they sure did do it the best. It looks like Samsung could finally be ditching their problematic implementation of the feature and going with one more iPhone-like.

HTC phablet rumors are back with alleged ‘HTC Hima Ace Plus’ specs: 5.5-inch QHD bezel-less display, Snap 810, and more

Jan 15th - It's been awhile since we last heard rumor of an HTC phablet. Now they're back, this time with the HTC Hima Ace Plus (alleged internal name). If true, it could take on this year's Galaxy Note 5.

Samsung is reportedly in talks to buy BlackBerry for upwards of $7.5 billion [UPDATE]

Jan 14th - Samsung is reportedly in talks to buy BlackBerry. The deal could reach upwards of $7.5 billion if they accept. Is a Samsung Galaxy BlackBerry in our future?

Report: Samsung Galaxy S6 to feature Nexus-like toned-down TouchWiz

Jan 13th - According to South Korean press, Samsung is looking to introduce a very toned down version of TouchWiz on the Samsung Galaxy S6, a phone which is rumored to be unveiled next month at Mobile World Congress.

Report: Samsung Galaxy S6 to be unveiled next month with 2 variants and smartwatch

Jan 12th - Not that we didn't already hear murmurings of Samsung's plans for Mobile World Congress, but another report suggests Samsung will look to bring more than just one big device to the show.