Is this guy using a Nexus 6?

Oct 1st - After seeing a sketch of what some believe to be the Nexus 6, we get a possible look at the thing in the wild. Come check it out in the flesh!

HTC One M8 Eye press photos leak; looks just like an HTC One M8

Oct 1st - According to the rumor mill, HTC is supposed to be introducing an HTC One M8 with a souped up camera at next week's New York City event. We may have just gotten our first look at the thing.

Rumor: new HTC One Max coming with 5.5-inch QHD display, Snapdragon 805, 3GB of RAM and more

Sep 30th - Looks like HTC could be hard at work on their next phablet. The company's first attempt at one -- the HTC One Max of yesteryear -- was pretty decent, and now they're looking to up the ante with a sequel.

This is supposedly what the Nexus 6 looks like, and here are some of its early specs [Leak]

Sep 30th - The Nexus 6's launch is approaching and we still haven't heard much, but a leak today could give us our first idea of what the handset might look like.

Motorola DROID Turbo benchmark boasts 5.2-inch QHD display, Snapdragon 805, 3GB RAM, and more

Sep 29th - With a hardware arsenal _that_ powerful, it's looking like the upcoming Motorola Droid Turbo could be preparing for all out war. Watch out, Samsung/Apple/HTC/LG/Sony.

Android Lollipop: Google practically makes it official

Sep 28th - Yesterday was Google's 16th birthday. To celebrate, they topped a birthday cake with lollipops. Anyone remotely interested in Android would know that "Android L" - the upcoming version of Android that follows Kit Kat - has yet to officially get its dessert name. Now, it's practically official.

HTC M8 EYE said to launch next month with a 13MP Duo Camera [RUMOR]

Sep 26th - HTC is said to be working on a new HTC One M8 -- dubbed the M8 EYE -- that could launch next month with a 13MP Duo camera. Anyone going to miss UltraPixels?

Motorola Shamu (Nexus 6) photographed alongside the LG G3

Sep 25th - Not sure if Nexus 6 or Moto S. In any case, this alleged Shamu is looking mighty hefty. Expect more leaks in the days/weeks to come.

Nexus 6 (X) specs allegely confirmed in new report, could look like a stretched out Moto X (2014) [RUMOR]

Sep 24th - A new report is allegedly confirming a few of the Nexus 6 (X)'s most noteworthy specs. Oh, and there's even a mockup of what the phone will look like (just think really stretched out Moto X 2014).

Report: HTC and Google still going strong on Nexus 9 efforts

Sep 22nd - HTC's name has been in the wind as one of the manufacturers responsible for making the next Nexus tablet, though with little to go on since the initial rumor it's understandable if there's still doubt of that happening. It looks like those plans could still be on.

Photos of Samsung’s next Galaxy Alpha leak

Sep 19th - As soon as Samsung answered consumer demand by introducing a metal-clad smartphone, it seems the company is already on a path toward abandoning the build material. That’s what is being suggested by the newly-leaked Samsung SM-A500, anyway.

Buzz builds for mid-October Nexus 9 launch

Sep 18th - HTC will be the manufacturer responsible for producing what likely will launch as the Nexus 9. Court documents suggest it. A leaked keyboard case confirms it. But when will the slate get its official coming out party?

Android silver is probably dead, long live the Nexus

Sep 17th - Back in April we first heard rumors of a new program at Google called "Android Silver." Initial rumors claimed Android Silver would replace the Nexus program completely, but now we're hearing the opposite.

Is HTC creating a GoPro-like camera accessory for their smartphones?

Sep 12th - Rumors say HTC is looking to introduce a rugged camera that would join the likes of GoPro -- that is, a camera that can be used to record some element-heavy action such as off-roading or snorkeling.

Report: Microsoft is looking to buy Minecraft studio for $2 billion

Sep 9th - Microsoft is looking to buy Minecraft game studio for $2 billion. That's a lot of money, even for Mojang's founder who has been vocal in the past about taking money from big corporations like Microsoft.

Bootloader unlocked Moto X coming to Moto Maker, will get Android updates the quickest

Sep 5th - If you don’t know what an unlocked bootloader means, you need to spend more times on Android Forums. If you want to hear it straight from the horse’s mouth, just ask Motorola. But for those who already fiend unlocked bootloaders, you’ll be happy to hear that not only will you soon be able to buy […]

Sony Xperia Z3 stripped down to its core ahead of official IFA announcement

Aug 27th - Sometimes we have trouble getting information about phones well up to their launch date. Others? Well, we tend to see a bit too much. The Sony Xperia Z3 has been leaked time and time again, but that train isn't slowing down -- now we get a look at the device's guts.

What’s this about the Moto X+1 to coming equipped with 3D recognition and optical zoom?

Aug 25th - Just when you thought you heard it all, there are new rumors floating around about the Moto X+1 featuring 3D recognition and a "Super Camera" with optical zoom. Sound a bit far fetched?

Samsung Galaxy Note 4′s new fingerprint scanning features detailed

Aug 25th - Samsung Galaxy Note 4's new fingerprint scanning features have been detailed. Given it's using the same hardware as the Galaxy S5, the good news is everyone else should see it in a future software update.

Droid RAZR M to be rebranded as ‘Motorola Luge’ for Verizon prepaid 4G LTE

Aug 25th - Seems Motorola could be looking to rebrand the Droid RAZR M as the "Luge by Motorola" for Verizon prepaid. At $150 and $45 a month for Verizon's 4G LTE service -- it's not a bad deal.