HTC One Remix Review: when “mini” is a good thing

Aug 27th - The HTC One Remix is Verizon's version of the HTC One Mini 2. Do you have to sacrifice great features in order to get a device that can fit in your pocket? Let's find out in our full review!

‘Freaking Math’ is a game so easy it will drive you insane

Aug 8th - Some games are hard. Some games are easy. Freaking Math is a rare game that somehow can be easy and hard at the same time. You have 2 seconds to choose if a math equation is right or wrong. Sound easy? It's not.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Sport Review

Aug 8th - The Galaxy S5 Sport is Sprint’s new exclusive take on Samsung’s 2014 flagship device, a phone that takes everything we love (and didn’t love) about the original Galaxy S5 and wraps it in a new package with some additional fitness-oriented software. While it scores points for its solid build quality, is the Sport a better buy than the first iteration of the S5?

Amazon Fire Phone Review

Jul 30th - Amazon’s long-rumored smartphone has finally arrived in the form of the Fire Phone. The pseudo-Android smartphone shows its maker’s touch with heavy leanings toward Amazon digital content and features like Firefly that aim to keep consumers embedded squarely in the retailer’s ecosystem, but is it worth the initial investment? Find out in our full review!

Samsung Galaxy Tab S review

Jun 24th - Samsung has finally crafted a tablet deemed worthy of the ’S’ branding so far only associated with the company’s flagship smartphone line, and it’s easy to see why. The Galaxy Tab S offers a compelling feature set at a competitive price for both its 8.4 and 10.5-inch variants, a mix that Samsung has struggled to achieve in the past.

Amazon Prime Music Review: should you cut ties with your favorite streaming apps?

Jun 22nd - In case you haven't heard, Amazon has recently added music to the list of goods that come with your Amazon Prime subscription. Is it any good? That's what we're here to find out.

LG G3 Review

Jun 19th - For LG’s G3, simplicity is the focus, and it accomplishes as much with an air of grace that is rare for a smartphone. Choosing to forgo the flashy bells and whistles and focus on the G3’s core smartphone components, LG has created a device that still manages stands well above the rest of the pack.

Huawei Ascend Mate 2 Review

Jun 12th - The Huawei Ascend Mate 2 4G LTE has a name that is matched in size by its substantial frame, and as such won’t be the smartphone for everybody. The phablet brings a compliment of specs that provide plenty of power, but it doesn't quite achieve on the same level as competing Android flagships.

Une Bobine review: the smartphone charger that thinks it’s a tripod

May 16th - Fuse Chicken’s Une Bobine is rather unique among smartphone charging cables. Its design serves several purposes at once, offering durable construction alongside the ability for the cable to double as a tripod and phone dock all at the same time. It sounds like a potentially zany idea, but is the end result just another forgettable gadget?

Braven BRV-X Review

May 7th - The Braven BRV-X portable Bluetooth speaker provides plenty of sound in a compact build that has been ruggedized to resist the elements, insuring that the party need not stop on Mother Nature’s behalf. That’s a big promise from this small package.

Samsung Gear Fit Review

Apr 22nd - The Samsung Gear Fit has the potential to solve the conundrum of smartwatches that attempt to cram too many features into too small a package. With an attractive design, reasonable price point, and the backing of Samsung’s hit line of Galaxy smartphones, the Fit has all the measurables to finish first. Does its training pay off in a victory?

Oppo Find 7a Review

Apr 21st - Oppo’s latest flagship smartphone, the Find 7a - the younger brother of the upcoming Find 7, follows Oppo’s previous track record, bringing impeccable hardware, incredible design, and just the right amount of innovation to make any smartphone fan salivate.

Samsung Galaxy S5 vs HTC One M8

Apr 18th - Should you buy the Galaxy S5 or HTC One M8? This head to head comparison compares hardware, software, specs, multimedia, camera, battery, performance, and explains which phone is best for you!

Samsung Galaxy S5 Review

Apr 17th - Our complete Samsung Galaxy S5 Review and video breaks down every detail of the S5 and helps you decide if it's the phone for you. From hardware and specs to software and new features like the finger scanner, heart rate monitor, and weatherproofing- it's all here!

Popular iOS app ‘Frontback’ finally launches for Android [Video]

Apr 16th - Taking photos of yourself has become so popular that even the Oxford dictionary recognizes the word "selfie" as an official word. The selfie craze has helped create hundreds of photo apps, but only a few become popular. One such app is called "Frontback."

Oppo Find 7a first look and unboxing [Video]

Apr 11th - The time has come Oppo fans, the successor to the Find 5 has finally arrived. Meet the Oppo Find 7a, the non premium edition of the Find 7. Because Oppo is known for their quality device packaging and quality devices for that matter, we've included an unboxing video for you, because we know you like them.

HTC One M8 Review

Apr 3rd - Our full review of the HTC One M8 covers this premium phone in-depth, from BoomSound and UltraPixel to Display and Processor.

My Disney Experience [REVIEW]

Dec 24th - I recently had the privilege of visiting the happiest place on earth, Disney World in Orlando, FL.  It was the first time I was back since 2006 and aside from the obvious theme park renovations Disney makes to keep their parks current, they had made a major change as well. Disney had implemented FastPass+ which […]

Exclusive: Avia Chromecast app review, cast personal music, photos, videos from Google+, Facebook, Dropbox, local storage, DLNA servers

Dec 10th - The wait is finally over. You can now cast personal media to Chromecast. Videon's updated Avia app is Chromecast's first personal media player that allows you to cast media from your local phone or tablet storage, the cloud, including Facebook, Google+, or Dropbox, and from network connected DLNA servers.

HoneyDru car charger review [GIVEAWAY]

Nov 27th - Nothing beats the good-looking Power by Gen chargers and this time we are reviewing one sporting the Honeycomb looks. You also get a chance to win one, so click through!