Acer beTouch E110

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Acer beTouch E110 Overview

The Acer beTouch E110 seems to be Acers shot at a budget phone just as other manufacturers have tried. It ticks all the right boxes for an entry level phone such as a small 2.8" (QVGA) screen , Resistive touchscreen and interestingly has no compass or accelerometer and no WiFi.

The Acer beTouch E110 does however sport Acers own UI including Acer multimedia and web widgets. Theres even Facebook and Twidroid Pro pre-installed to take care of all your social networking needs. Like to listen to music? - Well Acer has there own free streaming service "Spinlets"  already on the handset and a built in FM Radio.

Shame about some of the specs, removing certain aspects to reduce the cost such as WiFi, the accelerometer and compass means this handset will fail to take full advantage of Android and won't be compatible with many of the apps which take advantage and use these features. The beTouch E110 does however look stylish and will come in Black & Dark Blue so take your pick if your still interested!