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Acer A1 Reviews

"(8 out of 10)a very impressive Android handset."
"the Acer Liquid A1 at par with the Samsung Galaxy i7500 and Galaxy Spica i5700. Handsets like the HTC Hero and Motorola MILESTONE/DROID are clearly superior in terms of software. Still, if you happen to be on the lookout for a powerful smartphone and interface personalization is not your cup of tea, consider the Acer Liquid A1. It is a good option and you don´t need to break the bank to get one, because its retail price is lower than the amount you have to fork out for one of the afore-mentioned devices."
"The A1 is without doubt the best Android device I have used to date and the mixture of all of the parts (hardware, OS and software) make it better than the HD2 in my opinion, and even the iPhone. It truly is an excellent smartphone and much better than I ever expected. Acer is finally in the game."