About Us

Phandroid is the FIRST independent website dedicated to delivering Android news.

On November 5th, 2007, rumors of the gPhone were put to rest as Google announced Android. By announcing a mobile platform instead of a manufactured handset, Google officially begun a mobile revolution.

On November 6th, 2007, Wired.com reported that “Android Already Has Phandroids“, making phandroid.com the first documented website reporting exclusively on Android news.

While Phandroid is proud to be the first website dedicated to Android News, our real goal is to be the best. Providing insightful articles, breaking news and useful resources every single day, we aim to satisfy your appetite for Android.

Wired.com’s tactful title, addressing our visitors as Phandroids, illustrates that Phandroid.com should be more than just a place to get news. It should be a community… and it is. We appreciate you visiting our site – *ahem* or your site rather *ahem* – and hope we can meet and exceed all your expectations.

And community means communication… so feel free to Contact Us with thoughts, concerns, ideas, complaints, thank yous, suggestions and anything else you might want us to know!