Living with Alexa: An Amazon Echo Review

Mar 31st - At this exact moment, is the Amazon Echo worth $200? Probably not. Is it worth $100? Most definitely. If you’re an Amazon Prime subscriber, for $100, you get a great sounding WiFi and Bluetooth speaker that can be controlled with voice commands and makes life a little easier.

ARC Welder lets you run Android apps straight from the Chrome web browser

Mar 31st - ARC Welder lets you run Android apps on your desktop straight through your Chrome web browser. We tested it out with our own Phandroid News app and the results were breathtaking.

T-Mobile’s Lollipop update for the LG G3 now available, but not rolling out over-the-air

Mar 31st - After the Lollipop update for the LG G3 entered into T-Mobile's "testing phase" early last week, we knew it was right around the corner. Sure enough, Android 5.0.1 is now finally ready for the T-Mobile LG G3, but not in the way many of you are used to.

Last Chance Offers at Organize your keys or win a Galaxy Tab S 8.4

Mar 31st - A few last-chance offers are currently ticking away their final hours at You won’t want to miss your chance to win the excellent Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4, especially when the cost of entry is nothing more than a few minutes of your time.

HTC One M9 drop and full water submersion tests make us cringe [VIDEOS]

Mar 31st - We still have a few more days before you can officially mosey into a store and leave with a shiny new HTC One M9 in your pocket. After we saw the Samsung Galaxy S6’s durability put to the test, it’s now time for the the HTC One M9 to suffer the same fate.

You can now customize snooze times in Inbox by Gmail (and Google finally added a Contacts button)

Mar 31st - Google has published a quick update for Inbox by Gmail that makes a small, but important tweak: you can now customize your "morning" and "evening" times for snoozing email.

Google announces new Chromebooks and Chromebit HDMI stick to supercharge your TV

Mar 31st - Today, Google has announced a few new entries into the Chromebook space, with new laptops from ASUS, Haier, and Hisense -- all running Google's Chrome OS. The most interesting was a $100 HDMI dongle called the ASUS Chromebit.

Amazon’s Dash Button lets you refill home goods at the simple press of a button [VIDEO]

Mar 31st - This is the Amazon Dash Button, a tiny little button that you can press to instantly order replenishment for any perishable product you need from Amazon.

Google and Samsung get a head start on April Fools with Chrome selfies and a meat cleaver phone

Mar 31st - Sad to say it, folks, but this is only the beginning. The Next 24-48 hours will spawn an even greater number of jokes. Some will be funny. Some will even make us wish they were actual ideas. Some will make you cringe. This is April Fools. Prepare yourselves.

Alcatel OneTouch Watch pre-sales now open for $149.99

Mar 31st - Alcatel today announced that their OneTouch Watch -- which was revealed at CES 2015 -- is now available for pre-order directly from their website for $149.99.

Samsung planned a huge TouchWiz revamp at some point, and it looked awesome [VIDEO]

Mar 31st - Samsung really did toy around with the possibility of creating an awesome new user interface for use on their smartphones. That much was revealed by one of the designers they tasked with dreaming up the concept, Gerald Mark Soto. Check it out in his latest videos.

WhatsApp voice calling now enabled for anyone and everyone who wants to use it

Mar 31st - WhatsApp had previously given select lucky users the ability to place voice calls before, but a vast majority of the userbase was left out. That ends today -- the company has flipped the server side switch that allows everyone to make voice calls.

LG’s next event happens April 28th in 6 different cities, & it should finally bring us the LG G4

Mar 31st - LG has finally set a date for their first big event since CES 2015. The company has announced an April 28th shindig where they want us "see the great" and "feel the great." We imagine this event will serve as the launching pad for the LG G4.

Watch the Galaxy S6 Edge survive 20 minutes under water and crush this chick’s nuts [VIDEOS]

Mar 31st - Like most Android devices these days, the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge doesn't advertise any kind of IP rating. But just because you wont find an Ingress rating on the phone, doesn't mean it wont survive a quick dip in a puddle, or even a drop in a toilet...

PSA: Here’s what happens when you delete Google+ photos from Drive after new integration

Mar 30th - Now that Google Photos are slowly making their way into Drive, it's important everyone knows what happens when you delete a photo from each service.