Android M’s system UI tuner lets you rearrange or delete quick settings in the notification area

May 28th - With the Android M Developer Preview readily available for the flashing, more details about the update are being uncovered every minute. Our friend Hernan Alvarez uploaded a quick video showing off Android M's new system UI tuner located in the settings app.

Android M has a dark theme hidden in the developer options

May 28th - It's not full-on theme support, but it's the next best thing and one of the most requested features Android die-hards have been asking for since Android started moving towards a lighter color palette.

Google Photos is now live in the Google Play Store [DOWNLOAD]

May 28th - Google Photos is now officially live in the Google Play Store and available for the downloading. You can grab it via the link in our post and holy crap, is it good.

Google Play’s upcoming Family section makes finding kid-friendly content easier than ever

May 28th - After more than a few hints clued us into a overhauled family section of the Google Play Store was underway, Google has finally revealed their latest plan to engage families on Google Play.

Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel launches for NVIDIA SHIELD devices July 1st

May 28th - With today's announcement of the NVIDIA SHIELD Android TV release date comes word that one of the biggest games shipping with the device will soon be available. NVIDIA has confirmed that Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel will be available starting July 1st for SHIELD users.

NVIDIA SHIELD Android TV on sale now for $199

May 28th - A couple of months ago NVIDIA announced the Shield Android TV, a device to transform Android into a full fledge gaming console. You can buy the NVIDIA Sheild Android TV today for $199.

Teachers: your kids will love VR field trips with Google Cardboard [VIDEO]

May 28th - Google Cardboard's new Expeditions feature allows teachers to take their classroom on a virtual reality field trip that's synchronized with the teacher's device for a brand new way to experience the world.

Google Cardboard refresh supports larger phones and iOS

May 28th - Google announced a refresh for their Google Cardboard initiative, with an easier to assemble frame and support for iOS. Google also announced that more than 1 million people have tinkered around with Cardboard since announcing it last year.

Developers will be able to make their own pages in Google Play

May 28th - Google has announced developer pages for Google Play. What this allows developers to do is create their own section in Google Play to show off all their Android apps.

New Google Photos app offers unlimited storage for infinite photos

May 28th - Google unveiled its new standalone Photos app at IO today, but the biggest feature is unlimited storage for free.

Google Now on Tap takes Android’s voice recognition to the next level [VIDEO]

May 28th - We thought third-party app support would be the coolest thing headed to Google Now this year, but we weren’t even close. Google has announced Now on Tap, a new context-driven element for Google Now that’ll help you figure stuff out, take action and look up information related to what you’re looking at on your phone. […]

Google Photos is new again with brand new features and less Google+

May 28th - Google has always taken photos seriously. For a long time they've offered one of the best photo editing and management experiences available, and Google+ remains to be the best social network for photos. Today they've taken a fresh approach to photos again.

Android-based Brillo OS and Weave to revolutionize The Internet Of Things [VIDEO]

May 28th - Fresh off the stage from Google IO 2015, Senior VP Sundar Pichai has officially taken the wraps off Project Brillo, their new platform for the “Internet of Things.” Check out our video snippet in the post.

Google announces Android Pay to replace Google Wallet

May 28th - Today during the annual Google IO keynote, Google announced Android Pay, the long awaited successor to Google Wallet.

Android M battery lasts 2X longer than Lollipop thanks to new “doze” feature [VIDEO]

May 28th - If you were watching the Google IO 2015 keynote, you've gotten an early look at some of the things Google's doing for Android M. One of the biggest things they announced was a feature called "doze," and it has everything to do with saving precious juice on those petite batteries.