Watch the Galaxy S6 Edge survive 20 minutes under water and crush this chick’s nuts [VIDEOS]

Mar 31st - Like most Android devices these days, the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge doesn't advertise any kind of IP rating. But just because you wont find an Ingress rating on the phone, doesn't mean it wont survive a quick dip in a puddle, or even a drop in a toilet...

PSA: Here’s what happens when you delete Google+ photos from Drive after new integration

Mar 30th - Now that Google Photos are slowly making their way into Drive, it's important everyone knows what happens when you delete a photo from each service.

The HTC One (M7) is receiving Android 5.0 Lollipop tomorrow on AT&T

Mar 30th - Heads up HTC One (M7) owners on AT&T. HTC Product Manager Mo Versi revealed today on Twitter that Android 5.0 Lollipop has officially been green lit by AT&T, but we have a feeling not everyone is going to be happy about the update.

Gmail update brings a unified inbox for all your email accounts

Mar 30th - Today the Gmail team announced a new update -- which should already be live in your Google Play Store app -- that brings a single unified inbox for all your email accounts. They also added a few other noteworthy features too...

Red leather option for Moto X (2nd Gen) now available in Moto Maker

Mar 30th - We took a look at all of Motorola's custom leather options for the Moto X (2nd Gen) when we got a tour of their headquarters last year. Today, they've officially added a new red leather option for all Moto X models and as usual, it comes at the normal +$25 premium.

It’s official: Google+ photos have merged into Google Drive

Mar 30th - Ladies and gentleman, it's official: starting today, all the photos you store in Google+ can now finally be accessed in Google Drive. And why shouldn't they? They've been using the same cloud storage this whole time.

Sony Xperia Z3, Z3 Compact and Z3 Tablet Lollipop upgrade spreads to NA and more EU countries

Mar 30th - Sony today announced that the Android 5.0 Lollipop upgrade for the Sony Xperia Z3, Sony Xperia Z3 Compact and the Sony Xperia Z3 Tablet would start to reach more regions as soon as today, including those in North America and many more countries throughout Europe.

Verizon LG G2 now receiving Lollipop

Mar 30th - A new Lollipop upgrade is rolling in for users of Verizon's LG G2. It'll take you to version VS98039A, and aside from the usual Lollipop bits -- like improved notification panel and lock screen notifications -- it'll bring about a flat new user interface

T-Mobile’s next-gen coverage maps pull data from real-time customer usage

Mar 30th - With LTE, much-improved coverage, a forward-looking approach to network design and overall better network stability T-Mobile has set themselves up for a nice future, and now they're looking to flaunt it with their "next generation" coverage map.

What happens when the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is slammed to the ground like a firecracker? [VIDEO]

Mar 30th - Would it shatter into pieces made to look like the grotesque work of demon-like entities upon being dropped ?Well, one brave person decided to find out for herself. A new video shows someone slamming their Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge onto cold, hard pavement as if it were a firecracker.

HTC officially launches the One E9+ with 5.5-inch Quad HD display and 20 megapixel camera

Mar 30th - Oddly enough, HTC has introduced a new phone that's supposed to be an upgraded version of another phone that doesn't yet officially exist. It's the HTC One E9+, a 5.5-inch device with 2560 x 1440 resolution.

T-Mobile Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge shipments starting to pop up for some lucky pre-orderers

Mar 30th - Did you happen to pre-order a Samsung Galaxy S6 or Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge from T-Mobile this past Friday? If so, be sure to start checking your doorsteps: some lucky souls are starting to receive their shipment early.

HTC One M9 Review [VIDEO]

Mar 30th - In 2013, HTC launched the One, a device that defined their vision of an Android flagship rooted in strong design and build quality and relying on powerful hardware and a slimmed-down Sense interface. Two years later HTC continues to refine the formula with the HTC One M9.

Create your own Sense 7 themes for the HTC One M9 using their handy web tool

Mar 27th - If you've got a little time to kill this weekend, why not create a theme for the now available HTC One M9? HTC recently launched a handy web tool which allows anyone -- both novices and pros alike -- to build their own Sense 7 theme.

YouTube is now teasing Android users with 4K 60fps K-pop videos

Mar 27th - Technology moves fast and the folks at YouTube are doing their best to stay ahead of the curve. Today, they've launched 4K 60fps videos -- not that you probably own anything capable of running this smoothly.