DEAL: 50% off during HTC Summer Sale

Jul 28th - Summer is starting to wind down, back-to-school is starting to gear up, and to help lighten the pain of those cold/hard facts, HTC is giving us a reason to celebrate: deals.

Hands-on with OxygenOS 2.0 on the OnePlus 2 [VIDEO]

Jul 27th - The OnePlus 2 is the first phone to launch with OxygenOS out of the box. As usual, OnePlus boasted a lot about the greatness of their own OS. We were able to test it for ourselves to see if it lives up to the hype.

A look at the five different StyleSwap covers for the OnePlus 2 [PHOTOS]

Jul 27th - The OnePlus 2 has finally been announced, and one of the best features is the replaceable back covers. We were able to get our hands on all five StyeSwap covers. Here's what they look like.

Hands-on with the OnePlus 2 [VIDEO]

Jul 27th - The OnePlus 2 is officially official, and we were able to get our grubby paws all over it. OnePlus has improved upon last year's surprising hit with powerful specs, beautiful design, and some neat features.

How big is the OnePlus 2 compared to the iPhone 6, Galaxy S6, and Nexus 6? [VIDEO]

Jul 27th - The OnePlus 2 is finally official, and it's big, too. How big is it? We took some of the most popular phones today and compared the size for you.

OnePlus 2 officially announced in five materials for $389

Jul 27th - The much-hyped sequel to the OnePlus One is finally official. OnePlus' announcement for the OnePlus 2 has just wrapped up, and now we have every last bit of information about this device.

Samsung announces Unpacked event for August 13th

Jul 27th - New Samsung devices are incoming. Today, the company has announced their next Unpacked event. On August 13th in New York we will get a chance to see some new Galaxy devices.

Over 300,000 people have already registered for the OnePlus 2

Jul 27th - Later tonight we'll finally learn everything there is to know about the OnePlus 2. Even though we don't know all the details yet, people are still very excited for this device.

YouTube and Google+ are getting a divorce

Jul 27th - The forced marriage between YouTube and Google+ is finally coming to an end. Today, Google announced that they are decoupling Google+ and YouTube.

T-Mobile’s Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge get battery improvements in latest update

Jul 27th - Heads-up: The T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge are getting quick updates today. The changelog isn't long, but the company did note that it addresses battery life with various "improvements."

T-Mobile’s HTC One M9 now receiving Android 5.1 with anti-theft security and battery life improvements

Jul 27th - Android 5.1 for the HTC One M9 has been steadily trudging on. Although it's not officially late, the update is now finally ready to roll out on T-Mobile and brings with it new anti-theft security and battery life improvements.

Major Android vulnerability lets hackers take control of your phone with Just 1 MMS message

Jul 27th - Talk about scary. A security researcher has uncovered a major vulnerability in Android that would allow a no-gooder to take control of your phone by simply sending you an MMS video message.

Moto X Play, Droid MAXX II and Moto Surround names leaked by familiar source

Jul 27th - We know Motorola has a few new devices in the Pipeline, including the Moto X, Moto G and Moto 360 2015 editions, but serial leakster Evan Blass tells us to stay on the lookout for at least three more.

Samsung’s latest computer monitor can wirelessly charge your smartphone

Jul 27th - Samsung has announced a cool new computer monitor, the SE370. We normally wouldn't care to share that with you guys with this being an Android-focused website, but it has one very cool feature you might care about: wireless charging built right into its base.

2015 Moto G unboxing reveals it comes with 2 free Shell cases

Jul 27th - We're just a day away from a big Motorola announcement, and alongside a new Moto X and Moto 360 we're expecting the company to unleash details of the new Moto G. We've gotten a good look at the device already, and now we know how it'll look before (and after) you take it out of the box.