Google highlights their favorite Material Design apps on Google Play, here’s the full list

May 29th - While we're just now seeing more and more Android apps follow this design philosophy, some definitely do it better than others. There's no better way to show what Material Design is than by simply showing you. Here are Google's top picks.

Up close with Google and Qualcomm’s new Project Tango smartphone platform [VIDEO]

May 29th - During this year's Google I/O, Google announced a new smartphone reference platform for Project Tango. The device is powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 and equipped with a 3D depth sensing camera.

Split keyboard and multi-window are just a few tricks Android M has in store for tablet owners [VIDEO]

May 29th - Google's announced quite a few improvements with Android M but not everything was announced on stage. In this post, we take at some of the new features tablet owners are going to fall in love with.

Project Ara has a Lion King moment at Google IO

May 29th - We didn't get many meaningful updates on Project Ara from Google IO, unfortunately. What we did get was a majestic moment of pride from one of the project leads holding the a working Project Ara prototype up like the infamous scene straight out of Lion King.

Watch Android M turn home buttons into magic with Google Now on Tap [VIDEO]

May 29th - The concept of Google Now on tap is so simple, yet so brilliant, that a year from now we may be wondering how we lived without it (or why someone else didn't think of it first).

Deal: Grab the solar-powered 20,000 mAh ZeroLemon battery pack for 50% off

May 29th - The sun is full of unlimited free energy. Our phones are full of batteries that don't last nearly as long as we'd like. What if you could solve that problem with the sun?

If you hate passwords as much as we do, you’ll love Google ATAP’s latest projects

May 29th - It's another wonderful day of Google I/O and the developer conference is proving that there's still more interesting developments outside of Android M. During a Google ATAP session, Regina Duggan took the stage to talk about what the special projects unit as been working on.

Google’s Project Soli could change how we interact with wearable devices [VIDEO]

May 29th - Google's ATAP presentation today showcased Project Soli, a gesture-based mobile radar system that could change how we interact with our wearable devices.

Your clothes will be your next smartphone with Google’s Project Jacquard [VIDEO]

May 29th - The Google ATAP team took to the stage at a very interesting Google IO session this morning to talk about the future of wearable technologies. Google's ambitions aren't just more beautiful and functional smart watches, or a refined version of smart glasses. They want to take things a step further and make your clothes smart, too

How to enable or disable App Permissions on the Android M Developer Preview [VIDEO]

May 29th - Google was met with a round of applause during their keynote yesterday when they announced Android M would give users more control over the device permissions apps can request. We show you exactly how to do it yourself!

How to enable the Light or Dark Theme on the Android M Developer Preview [VIDEO]

May 29th - One of the cool things that popped up in the Android M developer preview was the ability to switch between a light or dark theme. So how do you enable it? It's very simple, and we show you exactly what to do in this quick how-to guide!

How to customize the Quick Settings Panel on the Android M Developer Preview [VIDEO]

May 29th - If you happen to have the Android M developer preview loaded on one of your Nexus devices and want to customize your Quick Settings panel, here's a quick and easy guide. You can follow the video inside, or take heed to the very easy step-by-step directions.

How to use Android Pay in Android M [VIDEO]

May 29th - There are a lot of great new features in Android M but perhaps the most useful is Android Pay which will make paying for goods - whether at a physical store or on your phone - easier than ever before.

Android M Easter egg unleashes the “Meh” ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

May 29th - We can debate what the M in Android M stands for until our blog is blue in the text, but one thing we know for sure is that this year's Easter egg is a whole lot of "Meh"

Lollipop’s sound profiles were confusing, Android M’s are much clearer

May 28th - Lollipop's convoluted sound profiles made sense to just about no one and didn't really behave the way they had in previous versions of Android, but Android M is going to fix that. Here's how.