DOWNLOAD: All of the stock wallpapers from the HTC One M9+ (Quad HD)

Mar 27th - We don't expect the HTC One M9+ to have many different wallpapers compared to the flagship that was officially released today, but they did have to be upscaled to Quad HD resolution. Here's the full set of wallpapers swiped straight from the HTC One M9+.

Test drive the HTC One M9 at select Best Buy locations, see for yourself if it’s worth the hype

Mar 27th - Sometimes seeing is believing. HTC knows this and it's why you'll soon be able to give the HTC One M9 a whirl at your local Best Buy. Check out our post to see which locations are available for viewings.

Here’s where you can buy the HTC One M9 online for Sprint, AT&T or unlocked today

Mar 27th - Today is the day you can buy an HTC One M9. We've already asked which of the two big heavy hitters for 2015 you're buying, and if you voted for HTC's pride and joy then here's where and how you can buy it.

Hearthstone’s Blackrock Mountain expansion will launch April 2nd

Mar 27th - Blizzard has announced that their highly-anticipated expansion pack for Hearthstone -- dubbed Blackrock Mountain -- will officially launch April 2nd.

OnePlus’s “game-changing” announcement isn’t a games console — it’s a drone, apparently

Mar 27th - OnePlus nonchalantly confirmed in an Ask Me Anything session on reddit that they'd be revealing a gaming drone dubbed the DR-1, but are they just throwing us for a loop?

New HTC One E9+ renders reveal 3 different color variants

Mar 27th - Much like the HTC One M9+ will be to the HTC One M9, HTC is planning on making a Plus variant of the HTC One E9. Upleaks revealed new renders of that device today, and gave us a look at three of its expected color variants in the process.

Surprise: OnePlus One’s Lollipop updates are delayed

Mar 27th - OnePlus made a commitment to get CyanogenMod 12S and OxygenOS out to OnePlus One users by the end of this month. They promised that a failure to do so would result in a phone giveaway to show how serious they were to that commitment. Aaaaannd it looks like they're giving away phones.

For the second time in under a year, HTC’s lead designer leaves the company

Mar 27th - Whether it's due to stagnant visions on smartphone design or something as simple as the inevitable motions of life, for one reason or another HTC has yet again lost their lead product designer. Jonah Becker announced his departure from the company today.

First photos of the alleged LG G4 Note leaked in the wild, complete with fancy new stylus

Mar 26th - An XDA member has leaked, what appear to be photos of the the upcoming LG G4 Note. At least that’s what he’s calling it. The photos show a phone unlike previous LG devices we’ve seen, mainly the fact that it’s now got a Galaxy Note-like stylus up on top.

The HTC One M9 and M8 look so much alike, not even HTC can tell them apart

Mar 26th - We stumbled across a sponsored post from HTC's Facebook page which was supposed to show off the BoomSound speakers on the One M9, but actually pictured last year's One M8 instead. Ouch.

The Nexus Player is now officially available for purchase in the UK via the Google Store

Mar 26th - After launching in the US late last year, the Nexus Player is now officially available in the UK via the Google Store. Yours for only £80, the set top box gives your television full access to the Google Play Store thanks to Android TV.

Nexus 6 now available in 6 new countries from the Google Store

Mar 26th - You can officially buy the Nexus 6 today in 6 new countries, bringing the running tally up to 21 countries around the world. Say hello to Austria, Ireland, and Portugal just to name a few.

Pre-order the HTC One M9 from Verizon on April 1st, hits stores April 10th

Mar 26th - After we learned that you’ll be able to officially buy the HTC One M9 (unlocked model) direct from HTC starting tonight, Verizon has announced that pre-sales for their version of the HTC One M9 will begin on April 1st.

Something to consider before buying the Sony Xperia Z3 Compact for $400 on eBay [DEALS]

Mar 26th - Today, the Z3c was thrown up on eBay where it's been marked down to a very reasonable $400. It's a great deal to be sure, one that's about $70 cheaper than you'll find on Sony's website.

Mobile Roar 85: Top 5 essential apps, Chris’ DROID Turbo saga, and Peter Chou

Mar 26th - This week the guys answer one simple question: what are the 5 most important apps/services that every phone needs to have? It's not as easy as you might think.