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Is this our first look at the OnePlus One?

Apr 16th - With as much info as OnePlus themselves have dropped about their upcoming smartphone so far, we're amazed it's taken this long to get our first real look at the thing (even if we don't get much other than its backside).

Google Play Mother’s Day promotion has 50% off books and 1-year magazines for $5

Apr 16th - Want to do something nice for your mother this Mother's Day? If flowers, candy and a nice brunch by the lake aren't cutting it, perhaps some deals on Google Play Books and Magazines will. Google is offering 50% off select books and $5 1-year magazine subscriptions.

Watch the Samsung Galaxy S5 get shot by a .50 caliber rifle [VIDEO]

Apr 16th - Yay, more consumer electronics carnage! The Samsung Galaxy S5 is the latest device that finds itself in the crosshairs of a madman with a gun. This time, the classic Barrett M107A1 is looking to rip through the plastic exterior and silicon interior of Samsung's 2014 flagship.

Watch Ellen Degeneres ridicule Google Glass in quick comedy skit [VIDEO

Apr 16th - We imagine resident Ellen Degeneres lover and Google Glass owner Chris Chavez wept when he saw one of his favorite TV personalities ridiculing Google Glass. Catch a whiff of her humorous act in this video.

Humble Mobile Bundle 5 goes live, offers 6 great Android games on the cheap

Apr 15th - Humble Mobile Bundle 5 is now live. Pay whatever you want for 6 great titles, and help charity in the process. Can't beat that.

Samsung Gear Glass patent reveals new design that’s part Google Glass, part Dragon Ball Z scouter

Apr 15th - A newly uncovered Samsung Gear Glass patent filing shows a design that's equal parts Google Glass, and Dragon Ball Z scouter. Which design do you like better -- Samsung's or Google's?

Another look at Project Ara, the team behind it, and its speedy development process [VIDEO]

Apr 15th - In an interview with Paul Eremenko, we get a little more insight to the team behind Project Ara (Google ATAP) and the tight scheduled they've imposed upon themselves to make a real product in only 2 years time.

12 weirdest Android device names ever

Apr 15th - There was a time when Android phones were coming out so often that companies were using anything and everything for names. Rocks, stones, metals, liquids, animals, weather conditions, an even emoticons were used as inspiration.

Newly leaked LG Isai could hint to the LG G3′s upcoming design

Apr 15th - LG Isai leaked in blue and white colored models. We have a good feeling the phone's design is a hint to what we'll see in the upcoming LG G3. Check out the post to find out why.

Amazon has Kingston’s microSD cards up to 65% off today only [DEAL]

Apr 15th - The day is over halfway expired, but that should be plenty of time to decide if you want to take advantage of a one-day sale Amazon's having on Kingston MicroSD cards.

Amazon’s 3D smartphone pictured in the wild, shows off 4 front facing infrared cameras

Apr 15th - Amazon's upcoming smartphone leaked online. Even though it's in a case (to hide its design), we get a clear look at its 4 front facing infrared cameras.

Google I/O registration opens at 4PM Pacific today — here’s everything you need to know

Apr 15th - In case you haven't already circled your calendar three times over, here's a reminder: Google I/O registration begins today. It starts at 4PM Pacific, to be exact, so you have a bit of time to get your ducks in a row.

Security researcher successfully spoofs fingerprint unlock on Galaxy S5 [VIDEO]

Apr 15th - It's no secret that consumer-grade fingerprint unlocking mechanisms aren't the most secure things ever. They're easily spoofed, and the Samsung Galaxy S5 is not an exception to the rule

Trademarks reveal Samsung Galaxy Adore, Galaxy S Fitness and Galaxy V:

Apr 15th - What? Samsung is trademarking a ton of phone names on a random, rainy day? You don't say! Another round of trademarks have sprouted from the USPTO.

Watch Google’s Project Ara Developer Conference Live

Apr 15th - Today kicks off day one of Google’s Project Ara Developer Conference. The conference is set to begin at 11:30 am Eastern Time. Tune in below. The conference is aimed at developers and Ara enthusiasts of all shapes and sizes. Google hopes to fuel innovation and generate excitement in this entirely new mobile space.

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