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First 11 things every Moto X Pure Edition owner should do

Oct 9th - You did it. You are the proud new owner of a Moto X Pure Edition. Whether you’re upgrading an ancient Android device, transitioning from another manufacturer, or even coming from a “dreaded” iPhone, we want to make sure you start your new journey off right. Here are the first 11 things you should do.

Netflix’s prices increase yet again

Oct 9th - LastPass users may be worried about a potential price hike, but folks on the Netflix train have to actually deal with one in the here and now. Netflix has announced that they’ll be raising the price of their most popular plan by $1.

Android Pay support headed to Starbucks, Chili’s and KFC thanks to Apple

Oct 9th - Whether stores have taken initiative to introduce NFC payments on their own or they need Apple’s influence to convince them, it’s always nice to see more hopping on board. Apple today announced that they’ve signed deals with KFC, Chili’s and Starbucks to bring Apple Pay to their stores, which means Android Pay will be supported, as well.

LogMeIn buys LastPass, and everyone starts panicking

Oct 9th - LastPass fans, sit down. We have something to tell you: LogMeIn has purchased LastPass. The former gets you into your computer from remote connections. The latter helps generate and store secure passwords for easy logins at your favorite sites and services.

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Oct 8th - Joining the growing list of SwiftKey’s recent Greenhouse projects is the all new SwiftKey Neural. It’s essentially the same SwiftKey you know and love, but with a little twist. According to SwiftKey, it’s “the world’s first” smartphone keyboard to use an artificial neural network for more accurate predictions and corrections.

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