Google integrates My Maps with Google Maps for Android

Mar 26th - Google My Maps users have been frustrated that they can't get their custom maps in Google Maps, and rightfully so. But that issue has finally been eradicated: Google has finally brought My Maps functionality to the Google Maps for Android app.

Dallas Texans are the latest to get same-day delivery with Amazon Prime Now

Mar 26th - Amazon has announced that their same-day delivery service -- Amazon Prime Now -- is now available for folks in Dallas, Texas. Orders to be delivered within 2 hours are free, while those who want it within 1 hour can pay just $7.99.

Google’s driverless car might have airbags on the outside to protect pedestrians

Mar 26th - The public likely won't allow a driverless car to take to the road without some added safety precautions. For Google's cars, one of those precautions could be the inclusion of external airbags in the event that the car unfortunately finds itself in an accident.

Samsung Galaxy S6 & S6 Edge prices for T-Mobile, AT&T, Verizon, Sprint & US Cellular

Mar 26th - Samsung has announced pre-sales for the Samsung Galaxy S6 and Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge will begin tomorrow, and you're probably wondering how much money you'll need in your pocket books for whichever model you're after. We've taken the time to lay it all out for you.

Decision Day: Samsung Galaxy S6 or HTC One M9? [POLL]

Mar 26th - March 27th just became a very big day in mobile. The main flagship releases from two of the smartphone industry's biggest heavy hitters will be available to purchase (in some capacity) as soon as tonight. Which side are you on?

Samsung confirms Galaxy S6 US pre-sales begin tomorrow for Best Buy and all major carriers

Mar 26th - We'd heard Best Buy was going to have the Samsung Galaxy S6 in their stores beginning tomorrow, and that they were also going to begin pre-sale events at that time. Samsung has come out to confirm that information today, and added that all carriers will participate, as well.

Google will FINALLY solve Chrome’s laggy scrolling issue by using a Microsoft-made solution

Mar 26th - It seems Google is finally looking to make the one move that should rid us of scroll lag in Chrome for Android. The company recently confirmed that they will look to implement the Pointer Events API, which is an all-encompassing standard for mouse, touch and stylus input made by Microsoft.

Motorola president says company has no plans to make tablets

Mar 26th - We'd heard Motorola had plans to introduce a new Android tablet, but it looks like those plans were taken out back and lit on fire. Rick Osterloh, Motorola Mobility's president, confirmed on Twitter that the company has no plans to create Android tablets.

Download: Android 5.1 build LMY47I factory images now available for Nexus 6 and Nexus 5

Mar 26th - Another minor firmware upgrade for those on Android 5.1 has been released by Google, and it's headed to both the Nexus 5 and Nexus 6. It's build LMY47I, and Google has factory images available for you to download right now.

You can officially buy the HTC One M9 in the US starting tonight

Mar 26th - HTC announced today that they will begin selling the HTC One M9 directly from their site this Friday, March 27th. Sales will officially go live tonight at midnight 12:01 ET time.

How to root the Motorola Droid Turbo

Mar 25th - Step-by-step guide for how to root the Droid Turbo for Verizon with MOFOROOT is released, complete with tutorial video.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Active might trade fingerprint scanner/heart rate sensor for micro SD card slot

Mar 25th - After rumors of a Samsung Galaxy S6 Active kicked off earlier this month, we're now hearing the S6 Active might ditch the fingerprint reader/heart rate sensor in favor of a micro SD card slot.

T-Mobile’s Des Smith unboxes the Samsung Galaxy S6 [HEAVY BREATHING]

Mar 25th - If you're at all curious to see what will coming inside the box of the Samsung Galaxy S6 for T-Mobile, look no further. T-Mobile Product Expert Des Smith is giving us a quick look.

You can buy a Samsung Gear VR Innovator Edition inside Best Buy stores this Friday, March 27th

Mar 25th - The Samsung Gear VR Innovator Edition (powered by Oculus) will hit more than 100 Best Buy retail locations across the US starting this Friday, March 27th, with additional locations throughout the year.

Google Keep update finally adds labels, reoccurring reminders, and floating action button [DOWNLOAD]

Mar 25th - Google Keep 3.1 is now hitting the Play Store for some folks. Arriving today in a staged rollout, the update is huge (at least for us) finally introduces a few much needed functionality to the previously bare bones note taking app.