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Is the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 the best Android phone available?

Aug 29th - Our review of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is out, and you’ve had some time to mull over its worth in the marketplace. Well, so have we, and we’ve gone ahead and placed it on our best phones list where we’ve ranked it based on the sum of all its qualities.

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This comprehensive guide to Android Phones includes everything you need to know, from specs and reviews to Q&A and accessories.

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Aug 19th - The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is one of the biggest, fastest, and most feature-packed phones on the market. Samsung has thrown everything but the kitchen sink into this phone. That means there’s a lot to wrap your head around to get the most out of this device.

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Aug 29th - After a rumor began suggesting Samsung will be releasing Action Memo for the Galaxy Note 7 in September, the company has inadvertently confirmed this rumor while replying to reviews of Samsung Notes on the Play Store.

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