Google starts showing auto insurance comparisons in search results

Mar 5th - At its core Google has always been about putting people in touch with information. The latest in this mission is a handy tool for comparing auto insurance.

The next device from OnePlus may be made out of more premium materials

Mar 5th - The latest rumor about the "OnePlus Two" is about the build materials. OnePlus chose polycarbonate for the original device, but they may be going with something more premium in the next model.

Deal: The first Transformers movie is free to watch on Google Play right now

Mar 5th - If you need something to watch this weekend and have yet to see the Transformers series launched in recent years, Google is giving you a good reason to start. The company is offering Transformers for free in their latest promo.

Pro Mode: Galaxy S6 gives full manual controls for camera enthusiasts [VIDEO]

Mar 5th - With the Galaxy S6, Samsung felt a more simple, streamlined camera experience was in order. Simple and streamlined do not mean lacking in capability, however, and Samsung has done us the favor of including a Pro mode for those that wish to have more manual control over shooting parameters.

The Nokia N1 might be the best-looking Android tablet ever made [VIDEO]

Mar 5th - We haven't seen many new tablets at MWC this year, but one from an unlikely source really grabbed our attention. Nokia is showing off the beautiful N1 at Mobile World Congress, and we couldn't pass up the chance to check it out.

Galaxy S6’s improved fingerprint scanner lets you log into websites with one touch [VIDEO]

Mar 5th - The Samsung Galaxy S6 features improved finger scanning hardware that gives us something functionally identical to Apple’s highly-touted Touch ID, but its software-side enhancements build a case for the S6 as the benchmark for fingerprint authentication.

Take a look at the entire Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge user manuals ahead of launch day

Mar 5th - We take user manuals for granted these days. Most devices come with small tutorials to show you the basics, and then leave you off to explore your new toy with glee. But since you can't quite do that with the Samsung Galaxy S6 yet, this user manual might be of great interest.

Google Search will now show you cocktail recipes when searching for them

Mar 5th - Google wants their search engine to become a resource for nearly everything, from health information to song lyrics. And now they're adding another element we didn't think we'd need (but probably will appreciate): cocktail recipes.

Lollipop update arriving on the Sprint Galaxy Note 4 and T-Mobile Galaxy Note 3

Mar 5th - Android Lollipop is currently rolling out to the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 in India, but now we're seeing some more Samsung + Lollipop love here in the U.S.

The Oppo R1x is officially launching worldwide in April

Mar 5th - You may remember an attractive device from Oppo back in January called the Oppo R1C. Today Oppo has announced the device will be available to the rest of the world in April, but it will be called the Oppo R1x.

HTC One M9 and Samsung Galaxy S6 retail prices leaked in contest rules

Mar 5th - Samsung, HTC and the carriers likely won't be ready to announce pricing details for their latest smartphones until they're nearly ready to be sold, but a couple of early contests have given us an idea of their suggested retail costs ahead of time.

Google is shutting down Softcard on March 31st

Mar 5th - Last month rumors became official when Google announced they had acquired technology from Softcard. Now they've announced Softcard will shut down at the end of March.

Apple and LG tie for best smartphone of 2014 award, Moto 360 takes wearables

Mar 5th - Every year at Mobile World Congress, the GSMA -- the folks behind the event -- vote on the best technology, software and ideas in mobile. This year's winners might have seemed obvious, but there were a couple of "gotchas" that caused us to take notice.

The creators of Cut the Rope release King of Thieves for Android

Mar 5th - Dodge traps and steal gold from other players in this unique mix of platformer and PVP multiplayer game, King of Thieves is available now for Android.

Android Lollipop rolling out now to Samsung Galaxy Note 3 in India

Mar 5th - Earlier this week we wrote about Android Lollipop only being on 3.3% of devices, but that number is slowly growing every day. The latest device to see some Lollipop love is the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 in India.