The Galaxy S6 isn’t waterproof… but what about the Galaxy S6 Active?

Mar 6th - It wouldn't be wrong to call the Galaxy S6 a fish out of water. The S5 was water resistant and the S6 is not... but what about the Galaxy S6 Active?

Hearthstone’s Blackrock Mountain expansion announced, game’s user interface for phones also previewed

Mar 6th - The folks at Blizzard held their panel at Pax East this morning, and they had a few cool announcements to make. One of the announcements pertained to none other than Hearthstone: Blackrock Mountain, the next official expansion, is coming next month!

The HTC One M9’s custom nav bar lets you add extra buttons, or hide it altogether [VIDEO]

Mar 6th - If you didn't notice, the HTC One M9 features a new custom navigation bar in Sense 7. Our favorite feature? The ability to add a button that hides the nav bar altogether for added screen real estate.

Pre-sales for Verizon’s Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge begin April 1st

Mar 6th - Quick heads-up to Verizon faithful who have their eye on the Samsung Galaxy S6 and Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge -- the company has announced that pre-sales will begin April 1st!

Speed test: Lollipop on the Samsung Galaxy S6 vs Galaxy S5 [VIDEO]

Mar 6th - We know the Samsung Galaxy S6 features a new fine tuned software experience as well as more efficient processor and faster RAM. But just how much quicker is the phone compared against the Galaxy S5? Watch our video to find out.

Cyanogen’s CEO believes top smartphone brands are about to be destroyed by the competition

Mar 6th - Cyanogen's top figurehead -- Kirt McMaster -- has been known to dish out bold and provocative statements before, so when we heard his latest one we didn't bat an eye. Speaking with Business Insider, McMaster suggested "tier-one" manufacturers like Samsung and HTC were about to get destroyed by the up and coming little guys.

New app lets you bring one of the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge’s best features to any phone (sort of)

Mar 6th - The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge won't be along until March 10th, but if you're finding it hard to wait that long you can get a small taste of what it's like to use one of its coolest feature ahead of actually getting one.

Hands-on: HTC One M9’s new Dot View and stylish interchangeable stand cases

Mar 6th - We went hands-on with HTC's new Dot View 2 and interchangeable stand cases for the HTC One M9. We also dived inside the updated app, which also brings the ability to play video games straight from the new Dot View cover.

Report: Google’s wireless service will require a Nexus 6 to start

Mar 6th - The Wall Street Journal says they've heard word that there will be one big caveat for wanting to try out Google's new wireless service: you'll need to own a Nexus 6 if you want to play ball. That may seem like a foul stipulation at first, but read on to see why it makes total sense.

Use Appeer to get Android apps from Google Play based on custom tailored personal social recommendations

Mar 6th - The Appeer app creates personally tailored app and game recommendations for the Google Play Store based on a user’s currently installed apps and their own personal network of people that they follow.

Google starts showing auto insurance comparisons in search results

Mar 5th - At its core Google has always been about putting people in touch with information. The latest in this mission is a handy tool for comparing auto insurance.

The next device from OnePlus may be made out of more premium materials

Mar 5th - The latest rumor about the "OnePlus Two" is about the build materials. OnePlus chose polycarbonate for the original device, but they may be going with something more premium in the next model.

Deal: The first Transformers movie is free to watch on Google Play right now

Mar 5th - If you need something to watch this weekend and have yet to see the Transformers series launched in recent years, Google is giving you a good reason to start. The company is offering Transformers for free in their latest promo.

Pro Mode: Galaxy S6 gives full manual controls for camera enthusiasts [VIDEO]

Mar 5th - With the Galaxy S6, Samsung felt a more simple, streamlined camera experience was in order. Simple and streamlined do not mean lacking in capability, however, and Samsung has done us the favor of including a Pro mode for those that wish to have more manual control over shooting parameters.

The Nokia N1 might be the best-looking Android tablet ever made [VIDEO]

Mar 5th - We haven't seen many new tablets at MWC this year, but one from an unlikely source really grabbed our attention. Nokia is showing off the beautiful N1 at Mobile World Congress, and we couldn't pass up the chance to check it out.