Motorola Sells Out of the 16GB 2015 Moto G on Moto Maker

Aug 4th - Motorola is continuing to prove that people will flock for an affordable smartphone if it packs enough of a punch to do whatever you want with it. The 16GB 2015 Moto G (3rd Gen) has been sold out on Moto Maker.

Here are all the possible Moto Maker customization options for the Moto X Style

Aug 4th - Motorola didn't give us a full slate of options to expect for customizing the Moto X Style in Moto Maker, but we finally get a look at the full palette that'll be available at launch.

Purported images of the upcoming Sony Xperia Z5 (and Z5 Compact) with fingerprint scanner leaked

Aug 4th - Sony's big IFA event is on the horizon, and already we're beginning to see bits and pieces of what's to come. A fairly trusted leakster has come up with images of two Xperia prototypes, with one being a compact version of the bigger brother. Oh, and they include one very nice feature: a fingerprint scanner.

Samsung gives us 7 reasons why bigger is better ahead of Galaxy Note 5 launch

Aug 4th - Samsung is teasing us that "bigger is better." They laid out 7 reasons why they believe so in a blog post this morning. It's not overly interesting or invigorating stuff -- they tick off the obvious boxes of it being better for gaming, productivity and watching videos -- but it's interesting to see them dangling the carrot nonetheless.

HTC pisses off some One M7/M8/M9 users with Fantastic Four notification ad

Aug 3rd - Uh oh... HTC managed to piss off a few One M7/M8/M9 owners after pushing a Fantastic Four notification ad to their devices. While it's technically notifying users of a new theme available to them, it's hitting a little close to home for those that remember Android's AirPush ads from back in the day.

Someone figured out how to hack OnePlus 2’s waiting list and explains how he did it

Aug 3rd - The only thing worse than waiting in a long line to buy something is for someone to jump said line. Nobody likes a line cutter. But we’re almost inclined to give this one guy a pass because not only did he admit to doing it, he’s showing others how he did it.

Lollipop now running on 18.1% of Android devices according to official numbers for August 2015

Aug 3rd - We're not sure why Google skipped July, but they've finally updated their platform distribution numbers for the month of August. Better late than never, we suppose. For those unaware, these are Google's official numbers to help developers track which percentage of devices are running specific versions of Android.

YouTube player gets a UI update with new transparent controls and animations

Aug 3rd - We know, you probably don't visit YouTube on the actual web very often, what with all the many Android devices at your disposal. And it may not be the biggest change, but YouTube has announced some UI changes rolling out to their player controls.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 on Sprint receives Android 5.1.1 with Stagefright fix

Aug 3rd - The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 on Sprint is set to receive its Android 5.1.1 update that aside from the usual goodies, also addresses that nasty Stagefright security exploit we've been hearing so much about. No word on when the update will be going out, but the changelog was already posted by Samsung so it shouldn't be much longer.

OnePlus 2 has some pretty amazing wallpapers and you can download them all right here

Aug 3rd - Say what you will about the OnePlus 2 (despite a lack of NFC, it's still a damn good phone for the price), but the folks at OnePlus really designed some amazing wallpapers for the device. Lucky for you, you can download them all in our post.

Samsung trademarks “Circular UX” for “smartphones in the shape of a watch”

Aug 3rd - It looks like Samsung is toying around with a couple of different names for their forthcoming circular smart watch (which might be known as the Samsung Gear A once it arrives). We already know they're working on a round Tizen-based interface, but what will it be named? Circular UX, if this trademark is anything to go by.

Leak: TPU case gives us a general idea of the LG Nexus phone’s form factor, fingerprint scanner possible

Aug 3rd - We have yet to get a real look at LG's alleged upcoming Nexus phone, but bits and pieces are starting to drop. Steve Hemmerstoffer of @onleaks fame got his hands on pictures of a TPU case in the works.

Deal: $15 off the Amazon Fire TV Stick at Best Buy

Aug 3rd - Best Buy is taking $15 off the cost of an Amazon Fire TV stick, bringing it from its original price tag of $39.99 down to just $24.99.

OnePlus 2 lacks NFC because “very few people” use it; second device to launch later this year

Aug 3rd - Carl Pei of OnePlus fame had another sitdown today, and he revealed a couple of interesting things. Namely, the arrival of another device later this year, and his reason as to why they ditched NFC.

Sony schedules September 2nd event at IFA, new Xperia flagship in tow?

Aug 3rd - Sony got their mid-range announcements out of the way this morning, but it seems they were holding back on other happenings. The company has just confirmed that they will be holding a September 2nd event in Berlin.