Xiaomi officially announces the Mi 4

Jul 22nd - Xiaomi has been drumming up to the release of their latest flagship for quite some time, but it's time for the full wraps to come off: the Xiaomi Mi 4 has been officially unveiled.

Chromecast exploit could allow hackers to hijack your dongle and play whatever they like [VIDEO]

Jul 21st - If someone has the time, and a Raspberry Pi, a Chromecast exploit could allow them to hack into your dongle and stream whatever obscene media they like.

HTC smartwatch makes brief appearance in behind the scenes video

Jul 21st - HTC's smartwatch makes a few very brief appearances in their latest behind the scenes video. These type of vids are always risky, especially when you have designers working on future, still unannounced, projects.

LG G Watch and Samsung Gear Live kernel sources now live in AOSP

Jul 21st - Android Wear source code shows up in AOSP as Android-4.4w_r1. Gear Live and G Watch kernel sources now available for download.

Samsung answers 4.7-inch iPhone 6 rumors with the 5.2-inch Galaxy S5, but does bigger always mean better? [VIDEO]

Jul 21st - Because bigger is always better, Samsung pokes fun at the upcoming iPhone 6 by showing off the huge display of the Galaxy S5. But why can't we have a solid iPhone challenger at 4.7-inches?

Verizon to start giving back with Smart Rewards

Jul 21st - Verizon's name is typically associated with the carrier's tendency to bill and charge you for anything and everything they can, but it looks like they want to change that perception.

Sony Xperia Z2 (D6503) now available in the US direct from Sony, supports AT&T and T-Mobile networks

Jul 21st - Those of you on AT&T or T-Mobile that simply can't wait for a chance at picking up a Sony Xperia Z2, the phone is now officially available for purchase direct through Sony. Well, sort of (it's backordered).

Analysts expect T-Mobile to have another good quarter

Jul 21st - T-Mobile threw an online parade and celebrated the fact that they were considered the fastest growing wireless carrier in the United States last quarter. Can they put on a repeat performance?

HTC One Remix said to launch this Friday July 24th on Verizon Wireless [RUMOR]

Jul 21st - Looks like could expect to see the HTC One Remix (HTC One Mini 2) launching on Verizon this Friday. Let's hope the "remix" means some shuffling of device specs. Our bet is on additional RAM.

Two more HTC tablets on the way?

Jul 21st - We still have yet to hear much about HTC's supposed plans to bring a Nexus tablet soon, but rumors are already swirling that they have more planned for the pipeline.

Download the Destiny Beta companion app for Android

Jul 21st - Gamers know that the Destiny Beta has been alive and kicking on PlayStation 4 since last week, and that it'll be headed to Xbox One folks this Wednesday. No matter which console you're rolling with you'll want to make sure you're equipped with the companion app.

Is this the next version of the Moto G?

Jul 21st - A successor to the Moto G might not be the most exciting Motorola product we're on the lookout for this year, but it doesn't keep us from getting a bit giddy about the latest rumor to have surfaced.

Sprint LG G2 update finally brings KnockCode

Jul 21st - Sprint's version of the LG G2 finally add itself to the list of devices with KnockCode as the feature is the main attraction in a new software upgrade going out today.

You can create Google Now reminders from Google.com’s desktop site

Jul 21st - Google's added a quick new feature to their desktop and mobile website that should make life easier for those who rely on Google Now reminders. You can now set reminders right from within Google Search with a simple search query.

Check out Convergence Watch Face for Android Wear and experience Material Design on your wrist

Jul 20th - If you're a fan of Google's new Material Design language, you're going to love Convergence Watch Face for Android Wear. This custom watch face is filled 8 different color pallets that mimic Material Design's FAB (floating action button).