NSFW: Watch these people strap on a Samsung Gear VR to watch virtual reality porn for the first time [VIDEO]

Jan 26th - Steve Jobs said the Android phone is for porn and sure enough, it's wound up on the Samsung Gear VR. Watch the reactions of these people as they try VR porn for the first time. What a time to be alive.

AT&T is rolling out Android 4.4.4 for the HTC One M8 again, Eye Experience also on board

Jan 26th - Today, AT&T has once again updated their software updates page for the One M8 letting us know that the update has begun rolling out, this time with the Eye Experience also on board.

Break the internet: Kim Kardashian stars in T-Mobile’s Super Bowl ad, here’s where you can watch it tonight

Jan 26th - Reality TV star Kim Kardashian is T-Mobile's latest spokeswoman, starring in a Super Bowl ad that will first air tonight. Here's where you can watch it (hopefully it's more "family friendly" than her previous works).

Official Facebook Lite app is only 252KB, provides notifications and access to messages [DOWNLOAD]

Jan 26th - Newly launched Facebook Lite is a lot like shortcut to the mobile web view of Facebook in your browser, but with notifications. And it also gives you direct access to messages, so there's that. Download it right here.

HTC has reportedly been using One M9 decoys to hide the phone’s final design

Jan 26th - HTC has reportedly been using decoy units to hide the One M9's true design. Here's a quick description of what they'll really unveil at their March 1st event in Barcelona.

Eat BBQ, learn to code and go on a riverboat cruise at the Big Android Meat & Greet in Washington DC

Jan 26th - The folks behind the Big Android BBQ have announced a great new event for those who prefer to chow down on good food during the Spring months. It's the Big Android Meat and Greet, and this one will take place April 4th at the nation's capital.

Google Wallet support coming to 200,000 online stores thanks to WePay partnership

Jan 26th - It's often hard to find Google Wallet as a supported payment option for many smaller websites and companies, but a new partnership between Google and WePay should soon change that.

ASUS’ next smart watch could have 7 days of battery life

Jan 26th - As much as we love smart watches around here, there is one area they need drastic improvement: battery life. The standard of good battery life is 1.5 to 2 days, but ASUS thinks that isn't good enough and they want to change it with their next attempt.

Samsung sunglasses let you adjust tint level and frame style from your smartphone [PATENT]

Jan 26th - Samsung's latest idea might not be enough to change the world or even change their falling fortunes as of late, but it is pretty damn cool. The South Korean company was awarded a patent that describes a pair of sunglasses doused in transparent displays.

You can now buy the Nexus Player at Best Buy with in-store pickup

Jan 26th - Last week we caught wind that the Nexus Player would find its way to more retailers. Newegg and Walmart were the earliest sightings of the thing outside of Google Play and they have since gone on sale, and now you can add Best Buy to the list.

You can thank Apple for the lack of a fingerprint scanner on the Nexus 6

Jan 26th - Nexus 6 owners who lust after a fingerprint scanner will be peeved to hear this news: Motorola had been planning to use fingerprint scanners in many of their high-end smartphones going forward, including the Nexus 6. Apple ruined those plans. Find out how inside.

T-Mobile SCORE! lets you pay $5 per month to make your next upgrade cheaper

Jan 26th - T-Mobile has introduced a new upgrade program to help make upgrading even easier than it already is. It's called SCORE!, and it allows you to pay $5 per month to make your upgrades as cheap as they can be.

11 new Samsung trademarks include Nudge: new touchless control feature for the Samsung Galaxy S6?

Jan 26th - Samsung loaded the United States Patents and Trademark Office up with a whopping 11 new patents recently, and one of them caught our eye above all the rest. Is Samsung working on a new touchless control feature for the Samsung Galaxy S6?

Android Wallpaper: Field Day

Jan 24th - Welcome back to another edition of Android Wallpaper! This week our theme is fields. A field is basically just an expanse of open ground, but when you hear the word "field" you probably think of a cornfield or a football field.

Android 5.0.2 Lollipop is rolling out to Moto G 2nd Gen in the US, 1st and 2nd Gen in India

Jan 23rd - After a few delays, Motorola is now officially pushing out Android 5.0.2 for the Moto G 2nd Gen in the US, and both 1st and 2nd Gen models in India. Did you get the update yet?