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LG’s Nexus 5 2015 could launch September 29th

Aug 28th - We haven’t been sure how far off we are from seeing LG and Huawei’s Nexus devices aside from obvious expectations o “before 2016.” But if one reputable Korean outlet is to be trusted, the wait won’t be much longer than a month.

Google rolls out new eye-pleasing UI for searching apps on mobile

Aug 28th - Ever search Google for “Twitter apps” or something of the sort on your Android phone? If you have, you’ve seen Google intelligently bring up a list of the top Twitter apps you can grab from Google Play. But intelligent isn’t always beautiful… until now.

Vine makes it easier to find and add music to your creations

Aug 28th - Vine has announced a big new update that’ll make it easier than ever to find and add music to your 6-second clips. The first way they’re doing this is with a cool “Snap to Beat” feature which will help you get a “perfect” or “seamless” loop of sound.

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Aug 27th - With all the SwiftKeys and Google Keyboards out there, you may have forgotten all about Swype, the once undisputed king of the swiping keyboards. Today Swype is back (again) and this time they got a handful of new features that’s saving keystrokes and has us giving them another shot on our Androids.

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