Pebble Time Steel ship date slips to next week, metal bands likely wont be ready in time

Jul 30th - A few weeks ago, Pebble updated Time Steel early adopters on when they expected to begin shipping. The original plan was to begin shipping out Time Steels to backers by the end of this month and although that date has slipped, it's not by much.

OnePlus 2 pre-invite waiting list exceeds 1 million signups

Jul 30th - Even if that pre-launch leak didn't paint the phone in the best light, it seems a lot of people are excited about the OnePlus 2. So many, that OnePlus' pre-invite reservation list has now topped over 1 million signups. That's pretty impressive.

Google Glass Enterprise Edition reportedly targeting a fall launch for businesses

Jul 30th - It’s safe to say that as a consumer product, Google Glass wasn’t quite ready for masses. That’s not to say it didn’t excel in some fields, the business sector for example (healthcare, manufacturing, and energy) where Glass was the perfect fit for busy folks on-the-go.

Leaked Motorola ‘DROID 2015′ frame could be upcoming DROID Turbo 2

Jul 30th - Motorola officially took the wraps off their 2015 lineup earlier this week when they announced not two, but three new devices launching this year: the Moto X Style (Pure Edition in the US), Moto X Play, and Moto G 2015. It seems they could be hiding another ace up their sleeves...

20 Best Android Apps from July 2015

Jul 30th - As we approach the “dog days” of summer a bunch of great new Android apps were released. If you were busy spending time at the beach you may have missed a few of them. Don’t spill your lemonade! We’ve got you covered. Here are the best Android apps from July.

Lawsuit forces Samsung to issue software patch allowing users to delete bloatware, but only in China

Jul 30th - After being sued by a Chinese consumer rights committee (and losing), Samsung will issue a software patch that allows user to delete over some 20 pre-installed apps on the Galaxy Note 3 (N9008S) and even the newer Galaxy S6/Edge.

We’re giving away 10 premium codes for one of the best new Android Wear watch faces

Jul 30th - Android Wear users looking for a simplistic new watch face should take notice of the one that's just entered Google Play. It's Masque Simplicity, and it's made by Alex Pasquarella, the man responsible for some of the beautiful wallpapers we've featured in the past.

Google adds 40 new partners for Android for Work, including all major US carriers

Jul 30th - Android for Work is ramping up, and Google has been hard at work to get everyone on board. The company today announced that 40 new partners have signed up to be a part of Android for Work, including all major Canadian and US carriers.

Confirmed: Samsung’s circular smart watch will have a rotating bezel

Jul 30th - Samsung's next smart watch going to be circular, and it's probably going to be pretty good. We also now know they're planning to put a rotating dial on the thing.

Mobile Roar 103: OnePlus 2, Moto X Style, Moto G, KFC buckets, and more!

Jul 30th - There was a lot of news to cover this week in the mobile world. Chris was at the launch event for the OnePlus 2; he shares his thoughts about the device and the event. Motorola unvieled three new phones: Moto X Style, Moto X Play, and Moto G 2015.

Volkswagen announces availability of Android Auto in most 2016 models

Jul 30th - Volkswagen fans who are looking for a new car with Android Auto built-in will have a lot of options soon. The company has announced that most of their 2016 line of vehicles will include Android Auto.

Sony wants to show us a “new way to capture split second photos” August 3rd

Jul 30th - We haven't heard much from Sony's camp as far as their plans for the second half of 2015, but the company is teasing a new announcement for August 3rd. They did so on Twitter, with a post teasing that they'll be showing us "a new way to capture split second photos."

Razer’s Android gamepad is now on Google Play for $80

Jul 30th - Another new Razer product has found its way into the Google Store. It's the company's Razer Serval wireless gaming controller, and for $80 it'll give you a pretty neat gamepad to play all your games.

Angry Birds 2 for Android is now available for download at Google Play

Jul 30th - Angry Birds' first official sequel is now available at Google Play. Unfortunately Angry Birds 2 doesn't turn the series on its head like we thought it would, but the release does introduce some interesting new gameplay mechanics and features that we're happy to have.

Samsung to make the Galaxy S6 more affordable after another disappointing quarter

Jul 30th - Samsung today unleashed their full earnings report for Q2 2015. It looks good from our end, with revenues of $41.5 billion and profit of $5.9 billion. The mobile division even had a good chunk of that profit at $2.4 billion. But from Samsung's perspective, things could be much better.