Mobile Roar 103: OnePlus 2, Moto X Style, Moto G, KFC buckets, and more!

Jul 30th - There was a lot of news to cover this week in the mobile world. Chris was at the launch event for the OnePlus 2; he shares his thoughts about the device and the event. Motorola unvieled three new phones: Moto X Style, Moto X Play, and Moto G 2015.

Volkswagen announces availability of Android Auto in most 2016 models

Jul 30th - Volkswagen fans who are looking for a new car with Android Auto built-in will have a lot of options soon. The company has announced that most of their 2016 line of vehicles will include Android Auto.

Sony wants to show us a “new way to capture split second photos” August 3rd

Jul 30th - We haven't heard much from Sony's camp as far as their plans for the second half of 2015, but the company is teasing a new announcement for August 3rd. They did so on Twitter, with a post teasing that they'll be showing us "a new way to capture split second photos."

Razer’s Android gamepad is now on Google Play for $80

Jul 30th - Another new Razer product has found its way into the Google Store. It's the company's Razer Serval wireless gaming controller, and for $80 it'll give you a pretty neat gamepad to play all your games.

Angry Birds 2 for Android is now available for download at Google Play

Jul 30th - Angry Birds' first official sequel is now available at Google Play. Unfortunately Angry Birds 2 doesn't turn the series on its head like we thought it would, but the release does introduce some interesting new gameplay mechanics and features that we're happy to have.

Samsung to make the Galaxy S6 more affordable after another disappointing quarter

Jul 30th - Samsung today unleashed their full earnings report for Q2 2015. It looks good from our end, with revenues of $41.5 billion and profit of $5.9 billion. The mobile division even had a good chunk of that profit at $2.4 billion. But from Samsung's perspective, things could be much better.

Google further details Android M’s best new feature: Auto Backup for Apps [VIDEO]

Jul 29th - While Android M (officially launching later this on Nexus devices) is said to bring some pretty big changes to the OS, one of the biggest, but more low-key, features is Auto Backup for Apps, an actual app data backup system. Google is now providing some additional details in a new video.

Reddit CEO says they’re already working on an official Android app

Jul 29th - After we spotted a job listing last year for an Android dev, Reddit CEO Steve Huffman has confirmed that they've already begun work on an official Android app and that it's "coming along nicely."

Exclusive: Hangouts 4.0 leaks again, new app lets you initiate voice messages using Android Wear

Jul 29th - A new version of Hangouts is soon headed to Android devices. Known as Hangouts 4.0, we actually got a taste of what to expect in a previous leaks and in the iOS app that launched a few weeks ago. With a new version of the app now in our hands, we discovered a few new tricks.

Leaker claims to offer extremely early first look at the back of Nexus 5 (2015)

Jul 29th - With the OnePlus 2 and Motorola X Style (Pure Edition in the states) flagships being unveiled this week with huge 5.5-inch+ displays, our hope of finding a phone we can easily use with hand now lies in the Nexus 5 (2015).

Intel develops a flash memory chip that’s 1,000 times faster than the current NAND standard

Jul 29th - Intel has announced a huge breakthrough in memory technology that they and their partners at Micron were responsible for. The company suggests they've created a new non-volatile flash memory technology with memory speeds up to 1,000 times faster than NAND flash.

LG made just 1.2 cents per phone in Q2 2015, chalks it up to the iPhone

Jul 29th - LG didn't lose any money in Q2 2015, but no one's exactly breaking out the champagne for the result they mustered up. The company made just 1.2 cents per smartphone sold on the quarter.

Hands-On: Moto G 2015 [VIDEO]

Jul 29th - We've safely escorted the Moto G 2015 back to our domicile and we felt it appropriate to have a little chat about this very capable device.

Boxer Calendar to Replace Google Calendar on Cyanogen OS v12.1

Jul 29th - Boxer has unveiled a new Calendar app that they hope will provide the range of features necessary to satisfy the appetite of those who aren't satisfied with, say, Google Calendar. Boxer's big play is to make it easier for your email and calendar to work together.

Google Translate’s WordLens feature gets 20 new languages

Jul 29th - Google today announced a vast improvement to Google Translate. The biggest news is that the company's WordLens feature, which allows you to view real-word words through your phone's camera and have them automatically translated, now features 20 new languages.