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Patent wars: America Invents Act

A long, long time ago, in the world we currently live in, the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) was established. For 60 years, it has ruled over the mostly unchanged laws of all patents concerning the United States of America. On March 16, 2013, everything will change (sort of). Remember last year when […]

Samsung innovation exec sees patent wars as ‘a loss’ ...

While Apple’s triumph over Samsung in a US court can definitely be classified as a blow for the Android maker, David Eun, executive vice president for Samsung’s Open Innovation Center sees it as “a loss” for the entire mobile industry. Speaking at the D:Dive Into Media conference on Monday night, Eun delved into the precarious […]

Google Glass Laser Keyboard: will it further fuel patent wars?

At CES 2013, I showed you the crazy eyesight controlled computer that could become a Google Glass partner. Many of you had your doubts, but as we reported yesterday, a recently filed patent by Google illustrates some of the exact functionality we predicted Tobii could bring to Glass. Look at your hand. Dialpad beams onto […]

Add Fujifilm to the Android patent wars, goes against Motorola

The growing trend of companies suing Android manufacturers continues to grow along with the platform’s success. Just in case Google partners don’t have enough to worry about already, Fujifilm has decided to join the party. The camera maker has recently filed a lawsuit against Motorola, claiming that a large amount of the manufacturer’s devices are […]

Infographic: The Patent Wars Web

A lot of companies are suing a lot of other companies in this hectic world of technology. It can be difficult to keep up with who’s suing who and for what and what the outcome usually is. It turns out Verizon keeps a tab on these goings-on – they have a lot vested in these […]

Verizon’s Chief Counsel Seeks Presidential Aid in Patent Wa...

Chief counsel for Verizon Wireless Randall Milch thinks the current patent wars between a large majority of major players in the US smartphone market have gone too far. So far, in fact, that Milch is appealing to President Obama for assistance in heading off rulings that could force the ban of sales of many popular […]

Why The Tech Patent Wars Exist [INFOGRAPHIC]

I’ve really had enough with this whole tech patent hoopla. It seems that since computers were invented, tech companies throw billions of dollars at lawyers whose job is to file for every patent humanly possible and remotely achievable, understanding the Patent & Trademark Office must be run by geezers who think everything that crosses their […]

Android Overload: HTC Out $40 Million Due To Onlive Restructuring...

Galaxy S2 Plus pics leaked. Pretty much a Samsung Hercules with dual-core Exynos for Chile. [Engadget] Motorola’s ITC complaint against Apple revealed. [Groklaw] HTC loses $40 million from Onlive restructuring. [PCWorld] Google fails to comply with judge in disclosing names of paid bloggers and journalists. [TheVerge] Liquidware team comes up with Android powered laser tripwire. […]

Google takes aim at Apple-backed, patent trolling Rockstar consor...

The patent wars continued today, this time with Google leading the offensive in a countersuit against Rockstar. For those unaware, Rockstar is a patent trolling holding company that just so happens to be owned by such bigwigs as Microsoft, BlackBerry, Sony and yes, Apple. With more than 6,000 patents at their disposal, it was in […]

Understanding software patents

NFC and Google Wallet. Most people have heard of one, or the other. Some even tried it before. And there are the very few that actually use it in their daily lives. When a person uses Google Wallet to pay for purchases at a McDonald’s or a 7-Eleven, the tapping motion and the payment are […]

Nikon licenses Microsoft patent to use Android on cameras

Microsoft has made quite the reputation for itself in these patent wars. Its most notable claim to infamy in the mobile space has been the ability to strong-arm several Android manufacturers into paying a licensing fee for every device sold. Now, it looks to be getting another piece from the point-and-shoot camera pie. Renown camera […]

Apple and Google join forces to purchase Kodak patents

Apple and Google did what?! That is right, the two greatest smartphone rivals are said to be joining forces to purchase 1,100 of Kodak’s patents. Anonymous sources claim the two companies will spend over $500 million to jointly acquire these patents. Such deal could help ease tension between these enemies, as well as help Kodak […]

Apple wants to add six more significant Samsung devices to patent...

Much can be said about Apple in these ongoing patent wars between itself and the likes of Samsung and HTC, but one thing that’s 100% undeniable is that the bitten fruit company has been ruthless. Apple is going after anything and everything it can from any company that poses to a considerable threat to its […]

Microsoft Patents… Google Project Glass?

The patent wars never cease to push forward into realms previously thought too ignorant to explore. While tech companies blindly register for thousands of patents ranging from painfully general to weird and obscure, the US Patent and Trademark Office seems to approve said patents at an equally alarming rate. The most recent? A patent filed […]

HTC and Apple end patent dispute with 10-year licensing deal

In a move that could signal a shift in the so-called smartphone patent wars, HTC and Apple have reached a settlement that shelves current legal disputes in favor of a 10-year licensing deal between the two companies. The exact details were not disclosed, but the agreement comes at a time when HTC desperately needs to […]