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HTC One M8 vs Samsung Galaxy S5 vs LG G Pro 2 vs Sony Xperia Z2 [...

The biggest smartphones of the year, and they’ve just gone head-to-head in a camera face off. Which one comes out on top? Tell us your pick.

Hands-on: LG G Pro 2 [VIDEO]

The LG G Pro 2 is one of the most exciting devices at MWC. It has great specs, features and an iconic design, but does it live up to the hype?

Mobile Roar Podcast 32: Flappy dies, but the LG G Pro 2 lives

This week we recap the Rise and Fall of Dong. Of course, we’re talking about the developer of Flappy Bird. We also talk about the latest iPhone 6 leak and hoax, the dozens of Windows Phone 8.1 leaks, Edgar’s love of everything with the letter “G,” and Verizon’s latest shady move.

LG G Pro 2 Official: 5.9-inch multimedia beast

The LG G Pro 2 gets official, going head to head with the Samsung Galaxy Note 3, and featuring specs like a 5.9-inch screen, 13MP camera, and 2.2GHz Quad-core processor with 3GB of RAM.

LG G Pro 2 to have “OIS+” camera sensor that can reco...

LG is currently pulling off one of the strangest device reveals we’ve seen in recent years with the LG G Pro 2, with the company releasing details bit by bit as we lead up to what should be a marvelous Mobile World Congress unveiling. Today, LG is dropping the beans on the camera, telling us […]

First LG G Pro 2 photos leaked

We have finally gotten our first clean look at the LG G Pro 2. What we get is a white chassis that doesn’t seem to take a huge departure from the norm, that’s unless you consider the fact that it has LG’s latest back-facing button configuration such as on the LG G2 and the LG G Flex

LG G Pro 2

LG has announced the LG G Pro 2 and it's an absolute multimedia beast!

With a 5.9-inch screen, 2.2GHz Quad-core processor, 3GB RAM, 13MP camera, and a truckload of additional features special to the G Pro 2, this device will please the highest end of smartphone fans.

It's certainly large and enters the "Phablet" territory, but for those who like to straddle the line of phone and tablet, this could be your device.

It will make it's first appearance at Mobile World Congress 2014 and we'll be there to check it out!

LG G Pro 2 to be officially unveiled in February

If you’ve had your heart set on an official followup to LG’s Optimus G Pro (pictured above), you’re about to get some good news. The South Korean company has announced that they will be fully unveiling the LG G Pro 2 at some point in February.

LG G Pro 2 to debut at MWC with 6-inch display and Android KitKat...

With the LG G Flex up for pre-order and rumors that the LG G3 could launch as early as May, LG still has time to squeeze one more handset into the mix. It could come at Mobile World Congress.

LG G Pro 3 specs could include iris recognition technology, Snapd...

The LG G Pro 3 is being readied by the South Korean company, and it could turn out to be a bombshell of a device. New rumors suggest the device will come with some of the most insane specs we’ve seen in an LG phone (and any phone) yet.

LG G4 Pro specs rumored to include Snapdragon 820, 4GB of RAM and...

The Pro variant of the LG G4 is rumored to have some pretty ridiculous specs. In fact, they’re so ridiculous that we’d say you should take this rumor with a very fine grain of salt.

Sprint LG G3 shows up in UA profile sporting Snapdragon 800, 3GB ...

The Sprint LG G3 has just popped up in a UA profile. According to what it was reporting, it could feature a Snapdragon 800 processor. More info in the post.

Verizon LG G Pad 8.3 and Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 now available

Heads up, cool kids: Verizon has a couple of new tablets available for sale if you’ve been looking for a new slate to fill that oversized void in your mobile life. Both the LG G Pad 8.3 and Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 are now available.

LG Knock Code adds security to unique KnockOn feature, demoed on ...

LG recently unveiled a new evolution to their KnockOn feature that would allow users to power their display on using a unique series of taps. Dubbed “Knock Code,” this method has you tapping your display with a series of patterns as if you’re inputting a lock screen code.

LG set to unveil G Pro 2 in Korea on February 13th

Last month speculation suggested the LG G Pro 2 could launch at Mobile World Congress. An invite being sent to Korean press outlets suggests it could arrive even sooner than that.