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New Samsung Galaxy Note 4 doubles LTE bandwidth and delivers firs...

Samsung has announced a new version of their Samsung Galaxy Note 4, and it’s one we definitely wished was headed to everyone in the market for a new smartphone. Can you say “amazing new LTE radios and Snapdragon 810?”

Want the Samsung Gear VR but don’t have a Galaxy Note 4? [Updat...

The Gear VR is designed to work with only one smartphone from Samsung’s stable of many: the Galaxy Note 4. Obviously, that leaves a large majority of the Android-toting population squarely stuck in their non-virtual realities. What if there was a way to get the Samsung Gear VR to work with other devices?

Verizon rolls out Gear VR update for the Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Verizon is pushing out an update for the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 that brings a handful of bug fixes, improvements, and even compatibility for the Samsung Gear VR headset. Changelog in the post.

You can now order the Galaxy Note 4 developer edition for Verizon

Just a quick heads-up that the developer edition of the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is now available over at Samsung’s website. This device comes with an unlockable bootloader, though the catch is that it will only work on Verizon.

Samsung dishes out two new Galaxy Note 4 ads [VIDEO]

The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is available just about everywhere now, so Samsung wants to make sure you know that. The company has dropped two new ads promoting their latest and greatest smartphone.

Samsung reveals plans to sell Galaxy Note 4 developer edition for...

Samsung and Verizon always seem to be cuddle buddies when it comes to developer editions of their phones. The two have once again come together to offer a developer edition of Samsung’s latest flagship, with said flagship being the Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

Samsung teases Lollipop on the Galaxy Note 4

In what would otherwise be an ordinary social media marketing pump, Samsung posted a photo of the Galaxy Note 4 noting that its Quad HD Super AMOLED display is “super sweet.” On the display was a picture of some sweet, sweet looking lollipops.

Nexus 6 vs Samsung Galaxy Note 4 shown off in comparison video

After giving us the world’s first underwater unboxing, the folks at UK’s Carphone Warehouse are back again, this time with an early hands-on with the phone everyone’s talking about: Motorola and Google’s Nexus 6.

13 things every Galaxy Note 4 owner should do

If this is your first Android phone, see our Android Getting Started Guide So you finally bought the  Samsung Galaxy Note 4 after reading our glowing review. You’ve gloriously ripped it from the box like King Arthur and the Sword in the Stone, booted it up, and completed the installation steps. Now what? There’s a good chance you don’t know where to […]

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 available in the UK and all major US carrie...

It’s Friday, and there are three very good reasons to be excited. First, because — well — it’s Friday. Secondly, Nexus 9 and Nexus Player pre-sales begin. Third? The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is now available on all major US carriers and throughout the United Kingdom.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Review

The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is an epic beast. It’s the best productivity smartphone. It’s got the best screen. It’s arguably got the best camera and it undoubtedly has the most bells and whistles. In fact, the Galaxy Note 4’s biggest challenge is that it’s predecessor was so good, it’s difficult to make enough upgrades to impress. With a newly designed metal frame and an array of noticeable feature improvements, Samsung has done just that.

Nexus 6 vs Samsung Galaxy Note 4 & other top Android flagshi...

Like previous Nexus devices, the 6th Nexus comes with a lot of hype. Today we can finally call it official. Of course, the Nexus 6 is not the only big Android phone in the world. As per usual we’ve put the Nexus up against the best devices on the market right now.

Check your mailbox: Galaxy Note 4 already arriving on doorsteps [...

If you’re a T-Mobile customer who has pre-ordered their version of the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 you’ll definitely want to zoom over to your email inbox right now. Folks over at are reportedly receiving notices that the device has shipped.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4


US Cellular opens pre-orders for the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, launc...

It looks like US Cellular won’t be late to the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 launch party on October 17th here in the United States. The carrier has officially opened pre-sales for the device, and have slapped on an October 17th ship date.