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Premium-built Samsung Galaxy F breaks cover again in latest leake...

If you were miffed about the Samsung Galaxy S5 LTE-A’s goudy specs compared to the base flagship, you’re going to be even more upset with the supposed Samsung Galaxy F.

Samsung Galaxy F (not the S5 LTE-A) makes another appearance onli...

The Samsung Galaxy F is still a thing. The allegedly more premium Galaxy S5 just popped up in another leak showing of its shimmery “Glowing Gold” color option. Wonder where this phone could be headed?

Samsung Galaxy F lays in bed with the Galaxy S5, has much less be...

Today a new photo of the Galaxy F has leaked. This new photo shows the Galaxy F right next to the Galaxy S5. We can’t see if the back of the device is metal, but what we can see is equally as awesome.

Alleged Samsung Galaxy F passes through the FCC, confirms dimensi...

And the Samsung Galaxy F (Galaxy S5 Prime) makes another appearance, this time as it passes through the FCC. This time, we now have the device’s exact dimensions.

Metal-clad Samsung Galaxy F spotted again in the wild

Today another photo of the Galaxy F in the wild has surfaced, once again showing what appears to be a metal back. The rumors suggest that this back is indeed aluminum, but it could also be yet another faux texture from Sammy.

Samsung Galaxy F with metal body allegedly pictured in the wild

After a press render of the alleged Samsung Galaxy F leaked earlier this week, it appears as if the phone may have finally been pictured in the wild.

Samsung Galaxy S5 with metal body goes into production, Galaxy F ...

Seems like with every major Galaxy iteration rumors start pouring in that the S3, S4, and now the S5 will finally be the first Samsung device to feature a premium metal construction. And here we are, barely a few months before the Galaxy S5 is made official and Korean news site ETNews is now reporting […]

Samsung planning 2560×1440 resolution display and iris scann...

Christmas is closing in fast and while many of you are dreaming about the shiny new toys you’ll be unwrapping this year, others are already looking ahead to what’s coming around the bend. The mobile industry is a fiercely competitive one, and if you were wondering how smartphone makers were ever going to top 2013’s […]

Samsung Galaxy Fame


Samsung announces Galaxy Young, Galaxy Fame

Getting  jump on the slew of Mobile World Congress announcement later this month, Samsung has officially debuted their Galaxy Young and Galaxy Fame handsets. The low-end phones pack a solid foundation into a pack that closely resembles that of the Galaxy S3 (and other recent Samsung models). The Galaxy Young features a 3.27-inch display, 1GHz […]

Samsung Galaxy Fit


Official: Samsung Announces the Galaxy Ace, Galaxy Fit, Galaxy Gi...

With Mobile World Congress just a few weeks away, Samsung just couldn’t be bothered to wait to reveal their new lineup of Galaxy phones. They should be mostly familiar from leaks in the recent weeks, but here we have officially for the first time the Samsung Galaxy Ace, Samsung Galaxy Fit, Samsung Galaxy Gio, and […]

Samsung Galaxy Finds Freedom On

Free at last, free at last… the Samsung Galaxy is finally available to the masses as it has popped up for sale unlocked on And based on the bands it should work on both T-Mobile and AT&T, with only TMO enjoying the theoretical possibility of 3G connectivity. It will cost you $590 if you […]

Samsung Galaxy S6 vs iPhone 6 [VIDEO]

We know why you’re here. You’ve no doubt heard the claims that the iPhone 6 is the best smartphone in the market. Now that the Samsung Galaxy S6 has finally launched, you’re curious to see how the 2 heavy weights match up. Wonder no more in our Galaxy S6 vs iPhone 6 face-off.

#Rotategate: Many Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge users are having auto-ro...

Is your Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge suddenly stuck in one screen orientation? You’re not alone — Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge accelerometers everywhere seem to be getting their gears jammed.