The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Price is $930 – Worth It? [POLL]


At a starting price of $930, the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will leave a pretty hefty dent in your wallet. Perhaps that’s justified, though, considering it’s a souped up version of the wildly successful Samsung Galaxy S8, only boasting its own S-Pen to one-up its older siblings.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 launched at a price point of $720 by comparison, meaning you are definitely seeing a premium for the more advanced features it offers. It also eclipses recent flagships like the $720 Moto Z2 Force or the $650 HTC U11 at that price point.

As with most launches, exact pricing will differ from carrier to carrier and retailer to retailer. Here’s a list of known prices going up already, with pre-sales happening August 24th, and the full launch coming September 15th:

  • Samsung: Details Coming Soon
  • AT&T: $950
  • Verizon: $960
  • T-Mobile: $930
  • Sprint: Details Coming Soon

Do you think the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is worth upwards of $900? Consider how it stacks up to contemporary competition and let us know if you think it’s worth the money with a poll vote and a comment down below!

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