Samsung’s Gear VR led the way in VR sales over the course of 2016


It’s no surprise that virtual reality is beginning to become more and more popular. It’s almost every week that we see Samsung or another company integrate another app or new features into the VR platform.

Before now, we could only surmise from speculation how popular VR headsets had become. Now, a new report shows just how many VR headsets were shipped in 2016.

Samsung led the way with its Gear VR headset, despite being held back a bit due to issues surrounding the Galaxy Note 7. Samsung sold more than 4.5 million Gear VR’s, which accounted for almost 75% of the total number of VR devices sold (6.3 million).

Coming behind the Gear VR was the new PlayStation VR, which accounted for 750,000 units sold, and the Daydream View performed admirably, with 260,000 headsets sold. Of course, the PSVR and Daydream View weren’t released until later in 2016, so 2017 may provide a better indication into the increasing popularity of virtual reality.

With more and more smartphones becoming compatible with virtual reality headsets, and rumors abound that improvements are on the way, 2017 could very well be the “Year of VR”. Let us know what you think about VR headsets and if you’ve tested any of these new options out yet.

[SuperData Research]


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