Google and LG’s Watch Style leaks in high-res press renders


Some say smartwatches are dead, but Google and LG seem to think otherwise. The two are partnering up to launch a new round of smartwatches for 2017, the LG Watch Sport and LG Watch Style. Both will come out of the box running Android Wear 2.0 and although they’re not actually official, enough info on the watches have leaked that we know they’re coming.

This time around we have some high-res renders (not that low-res mess from a few days ago) of the smaller, more feminine Watch Style courtesy of @evleaks. As you can see from the leaked renders, there are two different colors of the watch, a rose gold model with ivory straps, and silver version with beige straps. Seeing it in silver, the watch definitely has a more classic look to it, almost like the Pebble Round. Although I can’t say I’m too crazy about the design, we’ll have to see it in person before making a final judgement.

Rumors say the LG Watch Style will feature a 1.2-inch 360 x 360 display, 240mAh battery, 512MB of RAM and be accompanied by the more full-featured Watch Sport with a 1.38-inch 480 x 480 display, 430mAh battery, and 768MB RAM. We’re sure high-res renders of the sport will be turning up before the watches are officially announced on February 9th.

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