T-Mobile Tuesdays continuing to see some struggles


Last week, T-Mobile announced Uncarrier 11, where the company introduced some new things to everyone, but the primary focus was to give back to subscribers. In order for T-Mobile to give back to its customers, was through an app called T-Mobile Tuesdays, and prizes ranged from a free movie ticket to free pizzas.

After some initial hiccups with the app, where users weren’t able to redeem any of the goods, it seemed that everything had been fixed. Personally, after the servers came back up, I was able to log on and get tickets to see Warcraft, and had no issues at that point.

Fast forward to yesterday, the second iteration of T-Mobile Tuesdays, and it seems that there are still issues for some users. Apparently there’s a limit to how many coupons can be accepted by each Domino’s Pizza location. So when folks attempted to redeem the coupon for their free pizza, they were denied, and told they had to go to another location.

Yeah, it’s cool that there’s free stuff every week, but it would be even better if T-Mobile gave us a heads up about this beforehand.

[via Android Police]


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