You can watch Google ATAP’s entire Google I/O 2016 session here [VIDEO]


It’s Friday and as we enter into the weekend, you probably have some time to catch up on some of the Google I/O news you might have missed. While the official keynote was interesting, some of the more interesting stuff to come out the developer conference took place today during Google ATAP’s session.

For those unaware, Google ATAP (Advanced Technologies and Projects) is a division in Google that is responsible for taking the crazy ideas and making them a reality, all within a relatively short period of time. It was formerly headed by ex-DARPA employee Regina Dugan who recently left Google for a cushy new gig at Facebook.

The torch was then passed to Dan Kaufman — also ex-DARPA — who now leads ATAP, the  responsible for bringing Project Ara (modular smartphone), Jacquard (touch-sensitive fabric), Solis (radar-enabled electronics), and Spotlight Stories (you can watch the latest right here) into the real world. Tango was another one of their projects, which has since graduated into Google proper.

In any case, the entire session is now available for viewing on YouTube, so if you have some time to kill, we thought you might like to watch it. Google ATAP is, after all, where the real fun stuff at Google is taking place. Enjoy.


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