New Samsung patent shows a sophisticated design for a foldable smartphone


Samsung is still thinking about making a foldable smartphone. A new patent from the company filed in recent weeks (in Korean patent offices) reveals their latest dream.


It shows a device which seems quite far along and sophisticated, almost as if they’re confident they’ve found the perfect implementation for a first generation smartphone of its type. The patent details the phone in numerous specific ways, right down to where the camera sensors and navigation buttons are.

samsung patent 11

The design in the patent shows a hinge system where the phone will pivot into and out of its compact state. The device seemingly doesn’t use dual displays, but instead seems to make use of flexible display technology that we know Samsung and others to be working on.


Even though Samsung could be far along in research and design, implementation is a whole different beast to tackle and we wouldn’t take today’s surfacing of the patent as gospel that a device launch is imminent in the near future. Still, it’s nice to get a rough sketch of what could be the next great smartphone design of the future.

[via SamMobile]

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