Samsung will reportedly borrow Apple’s Live Photos feature for the Galaxy S7


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Although the utility of 3D Touch on the iPhone 6S has been called into question (it’s not fun trying to figure out where it works and where it doesn’t), Live Photos, on the other hand, are a lot more fun and useful. A sort of souped up version of HTC’s Zoe capture, Live Photos record short video clips before and after a photo is taken to be viewed later. When viewed in the iPhone’s Photos app (but not much else at the moment), these photos come to life, offering a brief glimpse into the moment of time the photo was actually taken. Much more fun than a boring static image.


If it sounded like only a matter of time before Android OEMs would jump on this idea (although for some reason, nobody cared when HTC did it), a new rumor claims that — wouldn’t you know it — Samsung could be first out the gate with a similar software feature for the Samsung Galaxy S7 and all its variants. Still in development, the feature could be dubbed either “Vivid Photo” or “Timeless Photo,” with Samsung allegedly rushing to get this out the door in time for the Galaxy S7’s debut in a few short weeks (although it could arrive sometime later via software update).

According to sources, Samsung’s implementation will be a bit different than Apple’s too. Apparently Vivid/Timeless Photos wont capture audio, but can be shared almost anywhere in handy GIF format. Facebook was one of the few social networking sites that said they’d support Apple’s Live Photos when the feature was first announced on the iPhone 6S, but a more universal format like a GIF makes a whole lot more sense.

We expect to learn more the closer we get to Mobile World Congress, kicking off this February 22nd to the 25th in Barcelona. We are excite.

[via Android Geeks]

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