Sony Xperia Z5 revealed in leaked press renders, confirms 23MP camera on board



We’ve gotten a few good — and not so good — looks of the Sony Xperia Z5 in weeks past. Whether it was the the phone’s fingerprint scanning software, a low-res internal slide, or even a dummy unit, it’s safe to say Sony’s going to stick with what they know: their tried-and-true OmniBalance design. That’s not to say there’s anything wrong with it. It’s familiar. Minimal. Safe.


As we approach Sony’s September 2nd event in Berlin, we’re getting yet another good look at the upcoming Sony Xperia Z5, this time as it appears in something a little more formal. The photos, obtained by Xperia Blog, appear to be stills taken from a promo video, although it’s a bit hard to tell. Other than the phone’s traditional design, the images appear to confirm the phone’s rumored 23MP camera (which will presumably come on all Z5 models).


Earlier today, Sony Mobile’s Jordanian Facebook page let slip the existence of the Sony Xperia Z5, Sony Xperia Z5 Premium, and Sony Xperia Z5 Compact. From what we’ve heard of the Z5 Premium (Plus), it could be the first Android device with an Ultra HD 4K display. We’ll learn more about these devices once Sony’s event officially kicks off next Wednesday. That is, if more leaks don’t spill out onto the web before then.

[Xperia Blog]

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