Apple made another Android app and it’s to help people ‘Move to iOS’


Move to iOS Android app

They didn’t talk about during their keynote this morning, but apparently Apple’s got another Android app in the works and it’s called Move to iOS. Like the name suggests, Apple wants to make it easier to make the switch to iOS, and it’s doing that by creating an app that moves most of the stuff from your Android device on over to an iPhone or iPad.

Move to iOS will import all of your contacts, message history, photos/videos, bookmarks, mail accounts, calendars, wallpaper, songs and books (DRM free ones) wirelessly. The app will also suggest previously installed apps to download from their own App Store, as well as add any paid apps to a Wish List so you can easily find them again.

While we, personally, wouldn’t make a permanent switch to iOS, we won’t knock anyone else for wanting to try new things. Android isn’t for everyone (and neither is iOS) so I can see something like this coming in handy.

The app isn’t available yet, but it looks to be one of the new apps Apple has planned for iOS 9 which launches later this year.


Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. They also Photoshopped out the HTC logo. HAH.

    1. I wonder if Apple got HTC’s permission to use the phone’s image…

      1. Apple and HTC have a licensing agreement, back when HTC was the leading Android OEM.

        1. Nope, Samsung was the leader. HTC did it when they couldn’t afford to be sued anymore because they weren’t selling phones.

    2. I wonder why they didn’t use a Samsung device seeing as how they’re their main rival.

      1. Because they know Samsung probably go update there software to blocks apples app compatibility lmfao

    3. That grid of icons.. Yuck!

  2. Come on Chris, you wouldn’t knock anyone for wanting to try new things. I feel sick.

    1. I own an iOS device, I don’t love it. Definitely not like Android, but I know a few long-time Android fans who made the switch to iOS and they’re happy. Android isn’t for everyone.

      1. My eldest broke ranks and turned to the dark side when he upgraded from his S4 to and iPhone6 last September. He thinks that the simplicity of IOS is its strength. For example, he likes the fact that he can go into device settings and change something in seconds, whereas he has to search for it on different Android devices; and he does have a point.

        However, I say that iOS’s simplicity and restrictiveness is its weakness. The iOS UI is stark and very boring, it doesn’t multitask properly, and the range of things you can actually do under iOS is terribly limited.

        Here are 3 things that I know make iOS users jealous (even if they try to hide it):-
        1. Making your home screen look beautiful with a different launcher and icon packs.
        2. Being able to use tools such as WiFi Analyzer to sort out WiFi channel conflicts.
        3. Being able to plug in an OTG USB stick and play music or movies within seconds.

        Returning to the topic of having an assistant to make migration to iOS easier, I don’t think that hardly anyone was put off migrating because it isn’t easy.
        So I say why not embrace such an App? By the time you want to use it, you’ve already blown hundreds on a new iDevice, so you may as well take all your crap with you!

  3. But I thought Apple products were so easy to use already… Why would they need an app to help with the migration? Color me confused. <>

  4. No thanks and also considering iOS 9 split screen multitasking doesn’t work on anything but iPad Air 2 I’ll wait for iPhone 6S and go with Galaxy S6 for mow.

  5. “Android isn’t for anyone (and neither is iOS) ”

    LOL, then who are they for? :-)

  6. Ready… Aim… FIRE 1-STAR RATINGS

    1. I can’t wait to read the reviews lol

  7. Apple has reached a new low.

  8. I’d rather go full hipster, and that’s saying something.

  9. Shouldn’t this be banned from playstore. A similar app would have been banned from appstore.

    1. Exactly my first thought. Their tight fisted control over anything that comes within 10 feet of their product would never permit a reciprocating app.

    2. Keep in mind, Google makes lots of apps for iOS, they’re not a platform exclusive as Android users tend to be.

      1. But 1) no app allowed with Android in the name or description 2) google can’t have a move app.

  10. How about I move my balls to your chin Apple.

    1. Dez nutts ?

      1. GOT EEM!

  11. Android won me over. ios is too constrained. But I will say those at Apple market their products as well as anyone.

    1. Like FIFA markets football

  12. Google should reject the app just becuz

  13. While this is a good idea for Apple, I have two questions. Would apple accept the inverse of this app in their store? Second, why in the world would anyone fall for the rouse to turn in their phone for free, as if it’s a service apple is providing? Apple seems like they are peeing on your back and telling you it’s raining.

    1. Peeing on your back and telling you it’s raining. That’s the best variation of selling manure as anything but that I’ve ever seen.


      don’t need it an app on their Apple Store.

  14. That’s not going to happen no removable battery no SD card ,don’t like ios

    1. Sadly that applies to the vast majority of Android devices too now ;^<

  15. I don’t see import all your music lol

  16. An apple user would need help with a migration

  17. Would Apple allow the iPhone to have an app called: Move to Android?

    1. Never! LOL

  18. “good luck”

  19. i have never touched an apple product since 1981, why now?

  20. This could actually backfire on them. People might think, what the hell, I’ll give android a go, it’s easy to swap to an iToy later if I don’t like it ;^/

  21. guys we have this already…

    Apple are just countering our move and focus on Samsung Switch.

  22. That’s funny. When I switched from a samsung note 3, to my lg g4, it transferred all my stuff via NFC, no app installation needed. Just touch the back of the phones together when prompted and boom, done.

    Apple sucks.

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