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Google Play’s upcoming Family section makes finding kid-friendly content easier than ever

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  1. Stupid question. The app already uploaded some of my pics. But I have many photos that aren’t atm in the phone. Will there be any desktop app or at least a Web page?

    1. Yes the website page will launch by the end of today

      1. Thank you mate!

  2. This has been on my phone since I got it last year (Moto X 2014). When I go to the play store link above it says “installed”. Is the link wrong (not the new version) or is this app that everyone’s excited about something that’s been available since last year?

    1. No its new buddy lol only 50-100k installs and im pretty sure thats just today a lone. if its been available since last year it would be in the millions by now and google probably wouldnt have announced it

      1. Well, when I viewed it in the Play store on my phone it says “update” not “install” so I wouldn’t call it “new”, just a new version. It came on my phone from Motorola so all of us who have it didn’t get it from the Play store and therefore don’t count towards the number of downloads reported.

        1. What you have is not new. Maybe if you turn your phone off and back on, then the updated version might be ready. When apps have updates they don’t show right away. Most of the time when I turn my phone off and on I always have a couple of apps that need updating.

          This photo app is not new but this version is new. What you had when you got the phone, it was tied to Google+. It is a standalone app now. It works completely different now compared to how it works today. What you thought you had for a yer is not this same thing. What you had, everyone had too.

    2. Yeah im confused because my phone has a Photos icon and it looks exactly the same…. but i was just able to download this app.

      1. The Photos icon you see on older devices is merely a pointer to the
        deprecated Photos section of Google+. When you install the actual *app*
        version of Photos just released today, it’ll get rid of the pointer
        altogether while placing the app on the phone.

        1. Ah that makes much more sense… thanks

    3. I had the same issue. I have the old version of Photos and says installed if I go to Play on the computer. However, on my phone in Play it shows as a new app all together.

      1. Mine says “update” when I view the Play store link on my phone so it’s the same app, just a new version that’s apparently available for everyone, nut just us who always had it.

    4. Update it from your play store on your phone.

  3. I posted this in the other article as well but am putting here too. I wonder what happens with the photos I currently have stored in Google Photos. Will those no longer count toward my Google account storage? I have just over 10 GB of Google+ Photos stored on my Google Account right now. All were uploaded at Full Size (Limited to available account storage) as opposed to the Standard Size (Unlimited free storage at 2048 px) but fall within the new parameters for unlimited storage (16 MP or less and 1080p or less).

  4. Looks like you can finally upload individual photos to existing online albums!

  5. The only thing I don’t like about it is what it thinks are good Collections.

  6. Just downloaded and tried a search for “.gif” and it pulled up every GIF I downloaded (and also unorganized). Made it easy to make an album for them. Great update.

  7. I hope they add something like ‘Read’ in the notification tray along side ‘Reply’ when we get a text.

    1. They did?

      EDIT: Read it wrong. You want the “Read (red)” option. I read that as “read (reed)” as if you wanted to open and go read it. I don’t know why I thought that. LoL!!

  8. This needs to be available for desktop (windows) download.

  9. not available for my devices. bummer.

  10. When I want to download back to my PC or Phone…will the compressed pictures go back to regular size???

    1. Hah. Funny. Wait… you weren’t joking?

  11. Like the updated app. A little more polished. But have had this on M9 for like 6 (maybe a lot more) months.

  12. During the Keynote on ‘photos’ he began by describing the problem of both he and his wife taking hundreds of pictures at an event and then the difficulty of looking back at those pictures, but he never addressed my question on that scenario… Can I link my google photos account with my wife’s so we are constantly syncing a single spot for family photos? There has to be a simple solution like there is with linking our calendars right? Either linking all or just linking certain folders? Before I jump headfirst into uploading a decade worth of pics I’m trying to find an answer.

  13. All the fans boys and non has yet to think is FREE Unlimited photo storage is NOT NEW.. Its funny no one yet to mention this..LoL

    Google had given free unlimited storage since the lunch of Google +. I have to using the free storage for months vai Google + photos.

    Google drive storage is completely separate from Google photos storage. It might be confusing for some but don’t share the same storage size limitation. If see photos taken up storage space from Google drive then you have full size images and video backed up there or you uploaded directly to Google drive.

  14. I wonder what companies gain by providing unlimited photo storage, sell
    it to NSA? Why unlimited photos but not documents, photos take a lot
    more space…

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