SEGA removes After Burner Climax and Jet Set Radio from the Google Play Store


jet set radio

It was last week SEGA announced that they’d be removing a few key titles from across various mobile app stores as a result of some sort of quality control guidelines. According to SEGA, these titles — which they wouldn’t call out by name — no longer met their “standards” and would be pulled with the possibility of returning in the future.

Today, SEGA made good on that promise as we’re finally seeing the first few titles disappear from the Play Store. Surprisingly, it wasn’t as bad as we thought. Looks like it was only After Burner Climax and Jet Set Radio SEGA gave the axe (at least for now), with the rest sitting pretty on Google’s virtual store shelves. iOS users weren’t so lucky however, and saw classics like every Super Monkey Ball title, Virtual Fighter 2, Streets of Rage, and more.

Both of the titles carried a $3 price tag which wasn’t too bad considering they were full games with no in-app purchases. While it’s a shame to see them go, glossing over their Play Store ratings showed incompatibility with numerous Android devices. Seems SEGA didn’t want to put too invest any more time (or money) in getting these titles up to speed. It’s a shame, these were some of the better ones.

Anyone who had paid for and downloaded the games on a previous device should be able to still find them in your Google Play Store app for re-downloading whenever you like. For everyone else, well… you missed out.

[SEGA titles on Google Play]

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  1. JSR was almost unplayable..I bought it at launch a and retuned it within Refund period…

    1. That’s really sad since it was such a cool game back in its day. Some classics are better remembered than re indulged in. Especially on android ( at least for now )

      1. I agree. Honestly….Crazy Taxi was flawless as it only required basic controls (I still have it on my phone) JSR on the other angle issues and combo of buttons hurt the gameplay….I have both on my I’m

        1. Wish I still had my Dreamcast. I suppose I could always find one and buy one again. Soul caliber was sick on that system.

    2. The virtual controls for JSR were absolutely disastrous, almost unplayable really. Unless you had a moga controller (which I do) then you could pretty much forget about advancing deep into the game. That being said, the gaming experience was absolutely fantastic using the moga, almost as if you were actually playing it on the Dreamcast.

      I was upset that they never made it compatible with lollipop, but maybe they’ll bring it back with improved virtual controls one day, which would be great for folks that don’t have gaming controllers for their handsets.

    3. Slightly off-topic, the soundtrack for JSR is one of the best I’ve heard for any video game, even after all these years.

  2. Jet Set Radio worked fine on Kit Kat but haven’t had a chance to try it on Lollipop.

    1. Read the article

  3. The apks will always be out there if you really want these games, now getting them to work properly is another story.

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