Grab a Nexus Player for only $75 with free $20 Google Play credit


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For anyone who can’t get enough Android in their life, the Android TV-powered Nexus Player makes a great option to streaming devices like Apple TV or Roku. Right now, the streaming set top box can now be found on Amazon for around $75, that’s about $25 cheaper than you’ll find it on the Google Store.

The Nexus Player also comes with a complimentary Google Play credit of $20 to download applications, games, or add movies to your library. We should note, this is the basic model that only comes with a remote — not the official Gamepad for playing video games (that’ll run you an extra $40). That being said, it’s still a pretty good deal for anyone who’s been eying the Nexus Player, but wanted to wait for a deal first. Grab it on Amazon via the link below.

Buy on Amazon: Nexus Player $75

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  1. No need for official controller, a usb otg cable and a $5 4 port usb hub (for more than one player) and you’re set to use an Xbox 360 controller or Logitech F710. (possibly more work natively but those are the controllers I own that work flawlessly)

  2. Look hard, you may find an Amazon FireTV Box for around the same price. Slightly more future proof than this. Also you can now add a hard drive to the USB for extra storage natively.

    1. You can add storage, ethernet, and keyboard/mouse on the Nexus, and you’re not tied into Amazon’s ecosystem.

      1. You can do this as well with the FireTV Box. Apps get more demanding so I believe the 2 GB of RAM is definitely a huge advantage at point, these boxes are not getting any younger :)

        1. But Amazon!

  3. Seems like this is the best deal out there for a setup box now. Android 5.0 that’ll get OS updates from Google. Google cast. Easy to root. Great Kodi and emulator support. I’ve seen it work over bluetooth with PS3 controllers as well.

    1. Yeah using the sixaxis app

  4. But dat Shield tho…

  5. Cool, but will never get upgraded and then abandoned like Google TV?

    1. It was the first device with 5.1.1 although that is guarantee of future support.

  6. Anyone knows how is this measuring up to Fire TV in Gaming/Processing power?

  7. Any awesome and Free Game apps available for this system? I’ve been wanting one but not so sure it’ll be worth the money. Any help, comments, suggestions? Thanks.

  8. Have one, disappointed by the number of apps and openess to the playstore. Also no chrome, seriously. So much potential, but google botched it

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