Have Shazam listen for a song straight from the Google app with new 3rd party app integration


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Google is looking to super charge the voice command functionality on your Android device by integrating 3rd party apps with the usual “Ok Google” commands. Announced today on Google+, you can now launch applications with nothing else but your voice using the Google Search app.

Right now only a few select apps are available in Search, but many more are on the way. You can get started with Shazam by simply saying “Ok Google, Shazam this song,” to have it search for a song immediately. So it’s not so much just launching an app, but having it open and performing an action as well. For instance, speaking the command “Ok Google, open TuneIn in car mode,” will do just that. Pretty convenient if your hands are tied or your phone is just out of reach.

Google says you’ll need to have the latest version of the Google app — as well as the most up-to-date versions of these 3rd party apps installed on your device — to make sure everything is working properly. For a small list of some of the 88+ things you can do by voice with the Google app, check out their landing page here.

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  1. Or you can just ask google “what song is this?” and it will say “listening” and then tell you the song, as well as give you links to listen to it, buy it, watch the video, read about the artist, etc.

    1. Yep… If you want to use Google’s own recognition engine which usually works fine for me. But perhaps others feel that Shazam works better or maybe has some social features that Google doesn’t… No clue.

      1. Shazam keeps a log of every song I’ve tagged, and generally works better than Google’s tagging. Can’t tell you how many songs I missed out on when trying to use Google’s “what song is this.”

        1. None of the song id apps work for everything their databases are only so big there are some small bands on small labels that are I identifiable.. Mainly they want to link you to purchaseable songs

        2. Google’s tagging also keeps a log of every song you tag, except you can only access the log through the widget.

    2. Shazam generally works better, keeps a log of songs I’ve tagged, and is linked to social accounts.

      1. I never had issues with Google Now detection… even on shows with background noise over the tracks. The log for your searches are found in the Google Account Dashboard under Audio > Manage (along with all your other voice command recordings though). Linked to social accounts is meh for me

        1. i like linking to my Google+ to have a history of all my tags. Tried using Google exclusively and I’m not sure why, but it could never identify songs as quick or accurately as Shazam.

      2. Google now also keeps a log you access it using the song search widget

    3. “OK Google”/Google Now won’t work for me. Says I’m outside the US. The link to Shazam works fine here.

    4. I believe the point is you can now do voice commands of things outside of Google, or calling. Now you can control things within apps. Before it was just “Open this app”. Now it’s “Open this app and then go do this”.

  2. There is also sound hound, too.

    I’ve never found either could identify new songs though (just old ones).

  3. I love the idea of launching an action in app directly – but wouldn’t the music already playing interfere with Google Now understanding the initial command in most circumstances?

  4. just tried this out with shazam, love it.

  5. This is what they meant with app integration!? YESH!! OH!! MY!! GOODNESS!! This is exactly what I was hoping for!! To be able to open an app and go exactly to where I want with my voice. OMG!! I can’t believe it.

    Soon, we’ll be like Iron Man. We just say what we want and our phones would just know. And yes I have Iron Man in my head. I just recently saw Age of Ultron. That ending, though.
    Stay during the credits.

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