You can find the Nexus 9 for $75 off at Best Buy [DEALS]


Nexus 9 DSC07280

The Nexus 9 — although not perfect in any sense — is still the only 9-inch Nexus tablet out there. Love it or hate it. For those that aren’t turned off by some of its shortcomings (we’ve seen varying reports of bugginess and questionable build quality), the tablet can be found at Best Buy this weekend for a cool $75 off.

That brings the price down to $325 for the 16GB version, and $405 for the 32GB model in either Indigo black, or Lunar white. Normally priced at $400/$480, that’s still $75 cheaper than you’ll find the Nexus 9 on the Google Store.

The tablet has received mostly favorably reviews on Best and Amazon, where we’re seeing a solid 4-star rating. That’s gotta say something, right? Link to the Nexus 9 at Best Buy provided below.

Buy at Best Buy: Nexus 9 16GB $325 | Nexus 9 32GB $405

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  1. Did anyone else only read “Nexus 9 for $75”?

    1. Yes, I was about to run for my wallet lol

    2. I did at first then I was like that is way to good of a deal and reread it and saw the real deal.

  2. Sorry I will be staying with my Kindle Fire HDX 8.9″ (2013) and buying a 15.6″ laptop that’s about the same price running a amd a8-6410 which will give me far greater use. I am finding I do need a laptop over my basic use tablet. I am running the google play store but I don’t see a need to run anything higher then android 4.2 since all my apps work perfectly fine with it and I only use the tablet for ebooks and media consumption but I am finding that my needs out strip the tablet and times and I find myself wishing I had a laptop for certain things. So I am looking at getting a $330 Toshiba running an AMD A8-6410 and Windows 8.1 with a 500gb hdd and 4gb of ram. The Toshiba I am looking at only issue is a faulty touchpad but since I will never use it, and will be using a wired mouse its a none issue for me so its not a bad price over those many Intel Celeron N2840 based laptops running between $200-$300. The A8-6410 spanks the Celeron N2840 without fail so yeah a little more for a laptop with a lousy touchpad that I will never use is a bargain I think. I will be using it for light gaming and heavy internet usage that I just can not get out of a tablet. I can get light internet usage but I find myself needing multiple tabs open and mulitple windows as well so I can not do that with a tablet.

  3. The 4:3 aspect ratio completely killed this for me.

    The aspect ratio causes the tablet to be way too wide to fit in any pocket (back jeans, jacket, etc…) and I can’t “palm it” in portrait mode even with fairly large hands, so I need larger bezels on the sides to use it in portrait.
    It’s awkward for watching media and holding it for any period of time with one hand just isn’t very comfortable.

    I REALLY wanted the front facing speakers and the build quality looked good, but the aspect ratio (which caused the size) just completely ruined the entire thing for me.

    Trash the rear facing camera, make it around the same size as the Nexus7 (so that it’s actually portable) but cram in as big of a screen as you can, and take my money!

    1. So your big complaint is that it’s not a 7 inch tablet with a 9 inch screen? I don’t think the technology is at the point where you can fold up the screen yet. Personally I think the aspect ratio is perfect for reading, web browsing and non video information consumption. But I do prefer the nexus 7 size as well simply because it is easier to take everywhere.

      1. The nexus 7 has insane bezels on it tho compared to other tablets.

        1. Indeed.
          Since the width is palm-able in portrait mode, you don’t really need the bezels on the sides. Just leave a thumb width bezel on the top and bottom for landscape mode and you could fit an 8″ 16:9 screen in the same package.

  4. Dammit I’d totally go for it, but, of course I’m moving this week and spending ALLLLLL my money on that. Maybe next time.

  5. Still rockin the Nexus 10. Not digging the Nexus 9 aspect ratio.

  6. Dang just bought it wedsday

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