PlayStation Mobile shuts down July 15th, be sure to download your games



PlayStation Mobile is coming to an end, folks. It was an exciting journey that brought one of gaming’s most iconic and exciting brands to those who prefer to game on their smartphones an tablets. Alongside a handful of PlayStation 1 classics, Sony used PlayStation Mobile as a driving platform for great mobile independent games that embody everything the PlayStation brand stands for.

So here are the quick details:

  • Distribution of games and in-app purchases will cease on July 15th, meaning no new purchases can be made after that point.
  • Games you’ve already bought can continue to be downloaded and accessed through September 10th.
  • Games can be played after September 10th, but only if you activate your device.

So how do you activate your device? Simply open up the PlayStation Mobile app and launch any purchased content between April 10, 2015 and September 10, 2015. The activation / authentication process was always done each time you opened a game and has never been a permanent solution so you’ll want to make sure you get this done.

It’s a sad day, but Sony feels like there isn’t much more reason for them to continue down this road (especially with how nice Android’s library of games has gotten). Get everything taken care of on your end before it’s too late.

[via Sony]

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  1. Just release remote play for non-Sony devices and support for the Dual Shock 4 for non-Sony devices and i will be happy.

    1. could not have said it any better

    2. They’re stopping mobile devices. Why make an app if they’re not even going to be in the market for mobile devices?

      It would be nice if they released their source, but they would have to update the app to accommodate new stuff.

      1. So are they shutting down support for the Vita? Will the Xperia remote play app cease to work after the shut down? this doesn’t sound like the best of ideas. Playstation Mobile and Remote Play are 2 different things though homie. they can do away with the Playstation mobile if they just release the Remote Play so i can play my PS4 games on my phone.

        1. Something told me to specify their phone market…
          Anyways, I thought about that actually, their currently lineup of software. What you all are asking is for them to make new software or port over some of their current software.

          I’d assume they’d take care of their currently software they already have out. But for example, if they leave the mobile(phone related) industry, will they still update their phones with software updates? Be it minor or major? Are they still going to be in the software side of things, like coming out with new software for mobile devices(phone related)?

      2. No, they’re not. Fairly certain that it’s unsubstantiated rumours that are causing people to believe that they’re getting out of the mobile device (smartphones, tablets etc.) space. They’re cutting back but not shutting down as far as I know.

        1. Well that’s something different from what I’ve heard. That sounds nice. I’m assuming just one device a year? That’s what “cutting back” sounds like to me. Like how HTC cut down on the number of phones they brought out… until they ramped production back up. LoL!!

    3. Agreed but the meantime the work-in-progress app from XDA doesn’t require root:

      Remote Play on any Android:

      Other root option for just DS4, Sixaxis:

      1. Yea i had the Remote Play APK and freaked cause it said it was a threat. I downloaded it anyway and everything seemed fine. I am not a fan of rooting since i have to turn in my phone when i “Jump” every 6 months so i just don’t see the point. Playing Dying Light with the touchscreen controls resulted in a lot of deaths lol if they made like a knockoff dual shock-ish bluetooth controller for lets say $20 i’d buy it.

  2. so does this remove being able to play playstation 4 with z3?

  3. What games would someone recommend from here? I honestly didn’t see anything worth wild in there, but I didn’t just go on a downloading spree.

    1. cytus lamda if you have a vita, but there’s also a “native” android version with faster loading times.

      1. I have Cytus for Android. I’m assuming the one you mentioned is different? I don’t see a Cytus Lamda in particular.

        1. cytus lambda is the PSM version of that game.
          you buy the entire game at once instead of buying separate chapters, and it has longer loading times.

    2. If you like RPGs wild arms is pretty cool if it’s still there. I haven’t checked in awhile though so not sure.

      1. The first thing that popped into my head when I read “wild arms” :

        1. LoL!! Did you see the Star Wars version of him?

          1. Haha, no. Jeez, I should look that up.

  4. The games on there are sub par at best so it isn’t a big deal.

  5. As far as I know they are still not available in my country. They won’t be missed.

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